An interesting visual "bug" seen when Map shading is on

Started by Radim V, October 30, 2018, 11:23:01

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Radim V

Hello Locus,
Sadly, I don't quite remember if Locus(pro) is in  Slopes or Colored elevation mode here . All should be easily reproducible. I may have some vague idea why this is happening but if you elaborate, that would be greatly appreciated. (.hgt filters and transforms geek here). Thanks
Radim, Praque


Dear Radim,
thank you for the screenshots. It seems that there are really "wrong" data in elevation file. We'll check it.
Thanks, Petr


Some of the original data had "holes" in it but I thought that had all been tidied up.

QuoteSRTM Void Filled elevation data are the result of additional processing to address areas of missing data or voids in the SRTM Non-Void Filled collection. The voids occur in areas where the initial processing did not meet quality specifications. Since SRTM data are one of the most widely used elevation data sources, the NGA filled the voids using interpolation algorithms in conjunction with other sources of elevation data. The resolution for SRTM Void Filled data is 1 arc-second for the United States and 3 arc-seconds for global coverage.

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