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Hi all, thanks for reporting this problem! There is of course no "tram"=no_go. The reason why this is happening is the less common surface=chipseal tag. (I think there is no significant occurrence of this surface in Europe, not even creators of the original brouter considered it). Also handling of defaults used to be less than ideal in the car profiles. Today I reviewed surface handling in all car profiles (Publicly visible are just 2 profiles). After new tiles are produced, the change will eventually make it to the public environment - after testing internally (By us).   
Locus Map / Re: [APP] - version 4.13.+ ( 12/2022 )
December 30, 2022, 10:34:36
@lor74cas - this denial of access is due to the access=no and foot=permissive character of a military road. It can be fixed and I make a remark for another round of profiles-fixes. But also this is a good example of a segment, where some kind of warning should be issued anyway. A military road can be closed (at least from OSM point of view) anytime. These warnings are something we started to consider.   
Hello all.
@francisco, thanks for your evaluation of trail grades (How much region specific it is?). If the decision of Locus supporting 4x4 vehicles or dual sport bikes is made, we will use it. There is 4UMaps already available in Locus (small areas can be downloaded for offline use) which displays MTB grades. Why we think this 4x4 routing is tricky: In west Europe where most of Locus users reside the legal 4x4 overlanding is virtually impossible due to many mapped and not mapped restrictions and barriers. So there would be the router which produces routes that we know to be very unreliable. In the other parts of the world such profiles may work.   
SousoŇ°√≠ Panny Marie is fixed (Should update during next run). It was missing completely, There is "Memorial" and "Artwork"
Hi, You will be able to change displayed name to something generic and anonymous.
Hi, Josef. First of all, thank you for the gorgeous pictures!
In terms of editing names and possibly another properties of POIs in the Locus directly: We agree that this feature would be awesome. But, as usually this is not an easy thing to do. Why: Currently all 25M POIs worldwide come from two main open-source datasets. OSM project and Wikipedia. What you ("General Laudon") see, is exactly what some user has written 6 years ago as "name" for the memorial. No doubt any edit should not just change value for Locus, it should improve OSM database quality for everyone.
There are dedicated tools for this (Vespucci editor):/, and OSM notes: / OSM/wiki/Notes . OSM notes can be used from Locus already.
We agree this is not user first approach as all is too slow and complicated.
Yes, I am aware of this (temporary) limitation. Currently the term in the search bar is only matched against names of points in the local-unspecified language and the language of the client. Other tags are not taken into consideration. (Cannot be taken into consideration directly, as the OSM dataset is not the only possible source of data.) How this search is intended to work (and already works internally, with some minor performance issues):
Let us assume:
- Every point belongs to one or more categories.
- English is the language of client (mobile app or web planner user).
- "wate" is the term in the search bar.

1. A localized fulltext search matches "wate" against names (in local language and in english as specified). As you noticed exactly. Currently, this is the end.
2. Another fulltext search matches "wate" against small dictionaries of synonyms (thesaurus). "wate" could mean: waterfall, watermill, drinking_water, fountain, hot_spring. Why fountain, hot_spring? Because somebody has decided that water and hot_spring are semantically close enough. These little sets of synonyms, language specific,  are configurable on the fly, not stored in a hard manner.
So suggestions are proposed after points that match by their names. Are you searching for drinking_water, waterfall, watermill, fountain perhaps?
3. If we chose one of the suggestion, another search runs (Yes, I actually mean waterfall. Yes, i actually mean all accommodation possibilities combined by typing "room"). This time a localized search matches point by their category, not name. Only category is taken into consideration here, as a source of point can be e.g. Wikipedia, which is not tagged by OSM standards.
Hope this makes some sense, I attach some dictionaries (thesauruses), both specific and more generic to make it more clear.
Tools / Re: A 4x4 profile for LoRouter / BRouter
April 14, 2021, 08:55:50
Hi, thanks for sharing the adjusted profile. Currently we are trying to figure out what the expectation for car routing actually is. More car profiles may be coming. The fact is in central Europe we consider the usage of unpaved roads or tracks for cars problematic at least. (Not so well documented restrictions and gates are one of the reason). I will do some review of the legal state of the "unpaved roads" access. Once more feedback similar to yours comes (Which I expect to be the case for i.e. Scandinavia), we may use your local knowledge. Thanks! 
Web portal & sync / Re: Web planner / portal
April 09, 2021, 08:54:51
Elevation data for routing: we have altered brouter internals to use our company maintained dataset, which combines enhanced SRTM source (viewfinderpanorama) and some Lidar sources. However the resolution is 3'' only.
Web portal & sync / Re: Web planner / portal
April 03, 2021, 11:33:35
Quote from: lor74cas on April 01, 2021, 09:28:40
One of the most important things when you are outdoors is water. In the screens you can see that even if there are two fountains nearby, selecting the first search result which should theoretically be the closest sends me more than 50km away.
Thanks for reporting this. The problem here is: Currently the search only uses "names", so only the objects that have the term "water" or similar among their names in two languages ("local" language and "English" in this case) are found. The two nearby fountains are not named at all - "Drinking water" is the overall category of them. More complex search using keywords is needed here. It is already done internally. Sorting: we don't think sorting based on distance entirely is a way to go. More content (Wikipedia, user related) is coming, so "close calls in terms of distance" are resolved based on content.
Hi, regarding more generic qualities of places: there already are "attributes" - icons and short verbal description of features like WLAN access, wheelchair accessibility, smoking ... these are visible in the point detail, if present at all (in well mapped areas there are more of them). Diet is already somehow expressed by icons (veg. is "V", non veg. is "fork and knife"). Anyway being more specific about cuisine would be good, I agree. Probably a feature to do for next version of the database. 
Web portal & sync / Re: Web planner / portal
March 22, 2021, 13:22:51
Quote from: geoffmozz on March 14, 2021, 00:19:46
The web planner doesn't work well set to walking, but does OK set to hiking. I screen recorded the issues which you can see in this video:

Thanks Geoff,
both walking and hiking profiles have been adjusted to accept all SAC difficulty levels. Walking profile puts high penalty on higher difficulties, so difficult (dangerous, exposed to fall) paths should be chosen as "last resort". This solution is not perfect, as difficult terrain may be unexpected to a "casual walker". We consider some sort of warnings for these scenarios. More detailed discussion on routing is here:
Quote from: poutnikl on March 03, 2021, 12:19:53
I think it would be good if the LoProfile modification has been explicitly listed in the profile comments.

It will help with eventual coordinated development of the profile/template, not to be just a one-time action. E.g. I can include generation of explicit Loxxxx profile into my profile generation script, that creates on demand all profiles from the current  template.

This is not limited to my profiles, as the script can take and modify any profile posted on GitHub.

Or, you can create a modified script version to generate LoProfiles from the current versions of the sources, unless you do not have it already.

Modifications: I will keep manual comments at the bottom of the files, that is an easy think to do, but we also encourage the usage of Git.(Tools like gitk do much better job in history bookkeeping than manual comments). Also changes via pull requests are encouraged. Currently all profiles include some minor changes (lifecycle tags awareness, turning instructions mode...), some of them are "hidden behind" the initial commit, sadly.
Generating profile variants from a template: Thanks, I wasn't aware of this script really. However we don't need to generate multiple files implementing ranges like "very easy - easy - medium - hard - very hard". What is going to happen more likely is: a single parameter ("difficulty level"), modifies a single profile (a temp. copy) in the time of request - some form of "request interceptor" inside brouter servlets. Multiple switch statements in this single profile can be seen as "difficulty presets", depending on a single variable, modified runtime. However your tool may be useful while generating those "presets". Hope this makes sense.       
Quote from: tapio on March 03, 2021, 09:59:49
Can the internal profiles be accessed from file system side? Didn't find them. Just curious.
No, internal profiles are hidden from user. Anyway we keep them in sync with above mentioned public repository. You can modify those publicly available profiles to your liking and place them in Locus/router/profiles2. Then in advanced settings the app recognizes them.
Hi all,
we have updated the set of routing profiles available here:
Profiles are of course credited inside.
Now we want to ask for some feedback again: More specifically, In landscape (both flat and mountains) you are familiar with:
-Is the MTB profile in your opinion: Too easy, too hard, or just about right and safe for an average biker?
-There will be not much distinction between walking and hiking in flat landscape but  there should be some distinction in well mapped mountain areas. Do the results suit their activities?
-road cycling: roads too busy?
-any reason you would not use a particular profile for intended activity?
You can try them here:
And of course using brouter-web directly.