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Quote from: 0709 on August 18, 2023, 14:57:03

Thanks 0709,I understood where the problem was. I had set to use geolocation only when the app was in use, but this way it didn't record the track when the screen was off. I set to always leave the gps on for the Locus app. Okay it works. HI  ;)
Sorry for my language, I'm Italian. After years of good use of Locus, I'm having too many problems (but I don't want to switch apps!). Now I'm using a Motorola egde 30 neo (before I used a nexus 5x), with version 4.18 I had geolocation permission problems (but I had enabled all the consents), so I installed version 4.14 and with the permissions it seems ok. But now I have another problem (I also had it with 4.18 when I could start recording), when the screen is off (sleep), it doesn't record the track. I only find the recorded points when I turn on the screen. I enabled any item to allow the phone to record in the background, both on android and in locus, but nothing to do.
Can you help me? Or recommend me an old version, where this problem might not exist? Thank you Shara
Locus Map / Re: [APP] - version 4.18.+ ( 8/2023 )
August 11, 2023, 16:03:44
Now I have installed the 4.14 version (but if I have to do a test I install the new version again...): however with the 4.18 version it definitely didn't score any points, the distance traveled always remained at zero (even the graph above was stationary ). But there was also another problem: although I had given the permissions to acquire the gps position, often after starting the recording it said that I didn't have these permissions... (only with this version did I have all these problems).
Hi thank you
Locus Map / Re: [APP] - version 4.18.+ ( 8/2023 )
August 09, 2023, 11:13:58
Hi, I've always used Locus and never had a problem. On my previous phone (Nexus, Android 8.1) it worked fine until a few days ago, I recorded a track without any problems. Having got a new phone (Edge, Android 13), I first tried updating the app on the old Nexus, and it installed this latest version (4.18.1). I did this to see if it was reading my offline maps to me, with success. So on my new phone I installed this latest version. However, I have seen that there are problems in recording tracks, it starts, but almost always it does not mark any distance, and when I stop it returns to the initial map screen without having saved any tracks. I have this problem on both phones. Anyone encountering these problems? Maybe I should do some setting to avoid this? Thank you

Addition: I tried on both devices to install an old version at home (4.14.1), it works fine on both. Evidently version 4.18 has some problems when you press stop and then go to the save track screen.

hello, my name is shara, i'm italian girl and sorry for my language  ;-)
I have install first time locus for a week
i have nexus 5x and android 8 Oreo
pc windows 8.1
my question's:
1) to know my version where I have to look?

2) one problem is share track, but I saw that it was solved with new version..good
but i have another problem: if I save the track (example in the export folder...), if i connect the nexus of the Pc
in the Locus/export folder I can not find the gpx file...I have to restart nexus, for find the file..
(is the problem locus? or android, nexus, pc..?

3) the version in this post is beta...where then I find the  stable version ?
and for update version, first best to uninstall actual version? but the folder locus/map are you lost?
(i have several maps GB in this folder..)

thanks shara