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Sorry for my language, I'm Italian. After years of good use of Locus, I'm having too many problems (but I don't want to switch apps!). Now I'm using a Motorola egde 30 neo (before I used a nexus 5x), with version 4.18 I had geolocation permission problems (but I had enabled all the consents), so I installed version 4.14 and with the permissions it seems ok. But now I have another problem (I also had it with 4.18 when I could start recording), when the screen is off (sleep), it doesn't record the track. I only find the recorded points when I turn on the screen. I enabled any item to allow the phone to record in the background, both on android and in locus, but nothing to do.
Can you help me? Or recommend me an old version, where this problem might not exist? Thank you Shara