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Hallo, wie bekomme ich es hin, beim Backup die Anhänge zu Punkten mit in das Backup zu integrieren?

En: Hello, how can I integrate the attachments to points into the backup?
as of this article - Mittlerweile sind bereits einige wenige Galileo-kompatible Smartphones auf dem Markt, zum Beispiel diese
- Archos 50 Diamond,
- BQ Aquaris X5 Plus,
- TP-LINK Neffos X1.
Hi Folks,

as heared in the news, the european GNSS Galileo is starting today, 15 Dec 2016.
Is it usable in Locus? Are there smartphones that are able to use it already?
discussion ...

cu, mike
Quote from: "balloni55"Update locus, these red lines was a bug in a further version

I always use the newest Locus version
to time: Locus PRO 2.11.1

on SGS2 Android 4.1.2 IceCreamSandwich
since today I have thousands of red lines on my map, that I would like to get rid of - dont show them.
they connect each Geocache symbol with its waypoints.
I also do not want to see all waypoints of all caches at the same time. I just liked to see them, when I active one Geocache.

Please telme how I could hide them (line and waypoints) and only show waypoints of the active cache.

I attach ascreener that shows my desaster ...

Thanks a lot,


Oh sorry, I was usingcgeo to post online-logs, so the missing feature is one of cgeo, sorry...
Troubles & Questions / Crash on backjump to cgeo
September 03, 2011, 22:56:29

I chose a geocache in cgeo, go via Navigate by ... locus into locus an get the cache into Locus' map.
Locus reports an error, when I try to get back to cgeo in the following way:
I tap an the Point in the map of locus. in the popup menue I tap an the two cog wheels to get back to cgeo, here the error is shown. (anything like "there was a problem, please inform me ..."

In older versions I used these procedure to jump between locus and cgeo without problems.

Pleas fix it.

Thank you for this great software!!!!

in one of the versions of Locuspro some weeks ago I was able to add "Signature, time, #ofCaches" in one touch. In the actual version I have to add all these text fragments with separated buttons for echt of them. That is a bit exhausting and takes too much time. time that I need to care for my kids, who want to go to the next geocache  ;)
Please offer (again) one button for "add Time, Date, NumbrOfFounds and signature" in one.
Would be fine, Thanx, germangeo
Yes, you are right, back in my WLAN the WMS shows properly.

Thank you,
That was a good hint, i chose some layers at different wmses, chose "blank" as onlin map and locus said "laden ..." My device showed "H" for UMTS/3G and 3 ||| - so the connection should have been ok. After a while appeared "Verbindung fehlgeschlagen..."

I'll test it at home in my WLAN this evening.

cu, mike
Other features / Re: WMS recommended maps
May 25, 2011, 14:20:48
Please rename Germany/"Geobasisdatenportal" to "DE.GeoPortal.NRW". Maybe users may see at the 1st view, that it offers services, that cover the german Bundesland Nordrhein-Westphalen.
Thanx, mike  ;)

I am new to locus (bought it yesterday) and like to bind e.g. the following WMS:
(It covers all of Germany)
You can see the maps in an corresponding openLayers-Client:

It is no problem to get it in the WMS-List of locus.
The capabilities are correctly read, but my problem is, that the WMS-pics are not shown in the map of locus.
I use blanc or OSM Mapnik as background online Maps, have ticket the green hook for the WMS in the WMS-Tab and go back to the map-view. I can see the OSM-Map but no WMS-Overlay.

What am i doing wrong - could anybody please help :?:

P.S.: Which epsg-codes has the WMS to offer to fit into Locus? Something like 4326(wgs84 geo) or perhaps 900913 (google) or so?

Thanx, Mike