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Started by mike, September 03, 2011, 22:47:32

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in one of the versions of Locuspro some weeks ago I was able to add "Signature, time, #ofCaches" in one touch. In the actual version I have to add all these text fragments with separated buttons for echt of them. That is a bit exhausting and takes too much time. time that I need to care for my kids, who want to go to the next geocache  ;)
Please offer (again) one button for "add Time, Date, NumbrOfFounds and signature" in one.
Would be fine, Thanx, germangeo


Hello Mike,
  this all is still there I think. You talk about field notes ability under fourth button on bottom panel on geocache screen right? If you don't see this pre-filled values when you tap on button, check for geocacheing settings in locus. let me know if still have any troubles
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Oh sorry, I was usingcgeo to post online-logs, so the missing feature is one of cgeo, sorry...