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Thanks for the quick reply :)

I managed the captcha on the sign up page, but for some reason it asked me another captcha the first time I tried replying to a topic,  Maybe I had too many tabs open and firefox got confused as this reply seems ok without a captcha lol  ;D

Its good to hear I should be good for -->4gig maps on my note2 (4.1.2 jellybean i think)

Locus is the best program Ive ever used for doing maps on a device and Ive tried literally dozens using iphones and androinds (including a hema 4wd atlas one which cost me AU$150 compared to locus at AU$9)  Well done mate Top job :)
Is the 2gig map limit still a issue?

Im new to Locus but have maps I downloaded myself using MOBAC up to 2.7gig in size,  but I have no issues here at all with loading or viewing them so far

The first time I load Locus with a 2gig+ new map copied to /map on my SDcard it took about 40seconds to load up, but after the very first run is done with a new map the loading speed of locus returns to normal (seconds)

Is the 2gig limit a "non issue" now or perhaps I might get issues later?

So far locus has handled it all beautifully with a few 2+gig maps placed in the same directory /maps/googlehybrid running fine here.  Mind you I had to hack MOBAC 1.9 to get google hybrid maps back in the list and I cant seem to figure out how to get Microsoft Hybrid in the MOBAC list after following instructions :(

PS the image verification on here is really bad. I cant read it. It wont let me listen to the letters either unless I download the audio file manually - but the audio file sounds the same for alot of letters (B sounds like Z sounds like V sounds like C sounds like E)

Im thinking about half the people give up in frustration trying to post?