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Wishlist / Re: Merging SQL databases
November 20, 2013, 20:32:54
Yep :)  in sql

I end up with x2 sql files per map source for my system of doing things.

One sql file is for my whole state in 0-13 zoom level.  And the other  file for select areas of my state in zoom 14+

  I can just add more of the map to the 14+ sql file as I find more spots where I want more zoom (so for example if i want more of XXX town in a higher zoom, I just select that area from within locus, check the boxes for zoom 14,15,16,17. And then in the "download type" option dropbox I select "External map sql type" and point it at the existing 14+sql file so I can just add extra data to that file instead of creating a new one, prevents downloading the same tiles twice for no gain :)

Thats my system anyway. Originally I had about half a dozen different files for each map source, but I ended up with alot of overlaping duplicate areas in the files so I went with a 2 file system for each map source based on zoom levels to avoid the duplicate tile issue. I used MOBAC to join the existing half dozen sql files together to match my new system (it was alot of arsing about and a little confusing joining SQL files in MOBAC but I managed it :) )
I use 50% of my battery with a half days locus recording

Interval : 10metres
Interval :3seconds
Recording conditions : one
Max accuracy 50 metres
Record only whilst moving : ticked
Record cell ID locations : unticked
Maps / Re: rmap/squlite maps onn PC
November 19, 2013, 21:34:26
Yeah sofar no issue loading larger size maps for me at least
This is my biggest one:

I hope you find a answer to your question about how to load up the maps you downloaded
Maps / Re: rmap/squlite maps onn PC
November 19, 2013, 20:21:30
Those maps are small  ;D (all my offline maps are over 3gig each up to 3.5gig)
If you need more space on your SD card, delete stuff or buy a new card......(not sure what else you can do)

Ive not tried viewing my maps on my computer apart from using MOBAC
Wishlist / Re: Merging SQL databases
November 19, 2013, 20:13:50
I have x3 offline maps, ranging from 3.2gig-3.5gig big (and they work fine) so I assume file size isnt your issue. I used MOBAC to join my maps together without issue a while back - I wasnt trying to turn the "online maps" into "offline maps" though like you are by forcing a cache
I just double tap my screen and all icons are gone with nothing on the screen except for the map itself..... isn't that "immersive mode" already possible?
Thanks for clearing that up guys, thats how I thought it worked but I wasnt 100% sure being a new user myself
I think you mucked up the replies hahahah (I didnt give you a page to visit, but I did suggest Brouter)

Its interesting you can use navigation to plot a destination offline without installing Brouter (and have it route you there)

Mine refused to do this until after I installed brouter, last week while out camping with no phone signal or internet access, trying to plot a destination using "navigate to" gave me a "no internet connection" error using "mapquest"  and it refused to lay down a track or give directions or anything at all

Once I got back home and had internet I installed Brouter and the applicable files for my area, then I selected Brouter instead of mapquest, and offline "navigate to" worked for me after that, but only with Brouter none of the other options work offline?

Perhaps they changed something in the latest release (I was on a previous version last week but they have since released a update)  From what you suggest I dont need Brouter anymore (actually I just confirmed that setting a destination while offline using navigation  does NOT work without Brouter -  after turning my mobile internet off again, not sure how yours worked???? but I would love to know how I must be missing somthing)

Obviously you can use the "navigate to" command while you have internet access and have it automatically lay down a track, but your saying you can use the "navigate to" command while you have no internet access using the standard included options like mapquest etc?

I should mention Im pretty new to all this as well, so its definatly possible Ive missed somthing, am very curious as to the answer, perhaps I installed Brouter for nothing but it was my understanding its the only option that works at all offline?

I think its great we all help each other out as well :)  It makes the learning curve involved in this program so much easier :)

What happens if I try offline navigation using anything other than Brouter?
Screenshot example of trying mapquest navigation offline (brouter works tho offline)
Click the navigate button, then choose one of the points you made as the destination for voice guidance. From standard you need internet access for the app to plot the route but if required you can plot your routes in advance while you have Internet access.

For complete offline navigation- change the app settings to use BRouter and download the applicable files for your area so it will work.

Then you can use navigation without requiring Internet by using brouter
Troubles & Questions / Re: colour issue
November 02, 2013, 08:47:13
If it happens again I will try and remember what I did, but its all working really good now - Even better than before!

I think using the reset buttons worked out very good for me - Locus seems to be running faster now and I notice theres nowhere near as many arrows on the track when the track is highlighted, so its not as confusing anymore having lots of arrows ontop of each other :)

Maybe I had a couple of issues until I updated and reset   - I have been playing with lots of settings while learning, so thats to be expected I guess. I think i got 99% of locus worked out nice now so there shouldnt be any more mistakes from a novice pressing all the buttons to see what they do :D
Troubles & Questions / Re: colour issue
November 02, 2013, 07:47:32
It helped confirm I wasnt doing anything wrong  ;D - so once I confirmed that -  I "reset preferences" then "clear data cache" then "clear map cache" and locus asked to restart (I love that the restart is now automatic with the 5 second timer  :) )

Once I reset all those settings and tried to navigate again - the navigation track all worked properly in purple again :)
Problem fixed thanks for your time - I may have broken it myself from playing in the config file earlier  :-[
Troubles & Questions / Re: colour issue
November 02, 2013, 05:22:55
I just had a thought, is Brouter putting the temporary track it makes into my existing track folder I have for my recorded gpx files? (which is set to be red colour)
Troubles & Questions / colour issue
November 02, 2013, 05:10:56
I seem to be having a bit of trouble with picking colours

If I select to "navigate to" a place, the track appears in red, which is a bit of a problem as my recorded GPS tracks are all in red as well. So I go into the menu and change the colours

I change the settings here

but when i use navigate center, it shows like this in red still (I tried restarting locus, still the same)

Also, When I export existing recorded GPX tracks, they export in blue colour  instead of the original red colour they are recorded in? (the menu setting for track recording colour is already set to red)

Not sure whats happening, Im running the latest pro version I downloaded a couple of days ago. Is there a way to reset everything? I am using brouter if that makes a difference or not
Wishlist / Re: Star rating for tracks
November 01, 2013, 23:58:42
The @Alice should read @prawns hahahhaha

If you copy and paste one of my posts I write Alice, perhaps it should read like

Originally posted by Prawns a few days ago

"I use Locus for proper offroad 4wding, involving very very steep hills sometimes, with Locus at the moment its virtually impossible to figure out the maximum gradient due to the gradient on the "chart" showing as only 1 pixel wide (hard to select the max gradient myself as I keep missing the bit I want to select even if i zoom right in)"

I dont mind, but its kind of wierd to see one of my posts copied word for word from somebody else hahahhaha
The "maximum gradient" would be one of the most important measurements for offrroad 4wders (along with max altitude)  it helps us show off to our other 4wd mates how steep the track was hahahhaha. On my last track i cracked 37% gradient!

Its just a pity it takes me 5minutes to bring that figure up - and Im not sure its the "max figure" either if I missed my finger on the point slightly
Wishlist / Re: maximum gradient and track arrows
October 30, 2013, 15:16:43
Joeloc has some great ideas there I look forward to the future :)  Thanks for the information on the config file I didn't even know it was there lol