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Mine was working fine to post to facebook last night (shared multiple tracks to my facebook as a test)

But this morning - back to error. I got the both the errors exactly as they appeared below - They appear in a orange box at the bottom of locus and say
Bad Request"

then after a couple seconds the orange box disapears and another orange box pops up saying "process unsuccessful"

Tried signing into facebook from locus (click the "door" icon up the top right of page) and it says "login valid" but still errors with the above errors again if i try to post

Wierd - worked last night so i did a couple tests

My shorter recorded tracks are posting fine (eg 15km trips) but when i try to post a 88km trip i get the error. Tried a couple times for the same result (shorter tracks working, longer tracks not)

I took screenshots but cant see a button to attach them, so I included the links of them to photobucket (first 2 are errors, last ones a successful post of a shorter track and what it looks like on facebook)
The first time I tried to post to facebook, locus asked for my details etc then failed posting to facebook as well.

I restarted locus and now it works posting to facebook :)  Try restarting locus after it has your facebook details - seems to work from then on.

One complaint though - I dont like the drop down options of "cycling" or "running" or "walking" considering my tracks are none of those ;)

My tracks are all offroad driving, or kayaking, or boating trips, or "trolling" records for fishing purposes -  so "daniel biked 15kms" doesnt really work when its showing a track over the ocean for example hahhahah (no biggy though to be honest but maybe something to optimise later with a customiseable version perhaps - or just a generic option like "travelled" which could encompass all activitys as an extra option in the list)

I dont mind the feature - saves me taking screenshots of multiple pages to get both the map and some of the distance details etc onto facebook :)
I just hope we arnt "counting our chickens before they hatch" hahahhaha

I guess the next time you use locus we will find out if that was the issue or not.
No worries - I can see how that option could be confusing. Possibly better to rename it to "Lock detail level" as thats the main thing it really affects
I think it works as advertised from my perspective anyway

You notice on maps if your zoomed right out - it doesnt display things like street names until you zoom in closer? with zoom lock you can zoom in until the street names show - then lock the zoom and you can then zoom out without losing the street names disapearing on the screen. can zoom lock whilst zoomed out where the details arnt showing on the map, hit zoom lock and then you can zoom right in without any further details like street names popping up.

Think of it like a "digital zoom" on a digital camera - It is actually locking the "zoom level" to say the maps zoom level 15, but still allows adjustment while still staying on the zoom level 15 and associated map details which normally display at that specific zoom level
Check your settings in menu--->"sensors" as well

Untick "use hardware compass" if your device doesnt have one. You might also want to play with the speed at which it swaps to using GPS derived direction (GPS derived direction wont work unless your moving though)  Just somthing else to check maybe (mine works ok with map rotation)
Troubles & Questions / Re: Locus Store
May 23, 2015, 09:11:04
I think it should say either (a) "xxx will be charged" or (b) "xxx is chargeable"

I think that reads badly (native english speaker here also)

It makes it sound like you can "re-charge" maps - and they dont need recharging as they are a one off purchase. That wording would work if a dollar amount preceeded it eg "$5 will be charged" but thats not included information so it makes barely any sense.

Better to say "This map is not free, Would you like to purchase it?" with the buttons for the locus store or to cancel out. That reads properly and is not ambiguous and keeps it simple and isnt confusing
Wishlist / Re: S-Pen support
March 28, 2014, 05:01:36
Ahh Thanks mate I will change it later :)
Wishlist / Re: S-Pen support
March 27, 2014, 21:49:56
sorted thanks!

PS - The password sent in the email didnt work this time around lols. I was getting a "incorrect password" error when trying to change my password last time but it turns out there was no error, the password did actually get changed :)

Regardless, Im in :) and have given a +1

Suddently Im "daniel" instead of "prawns" though hahahhaha but thats ok
Wishlist / Re: S-Pen support
March 27, 2014, 21:40:53
I finally managed to sign up to the website using my phone (no easy feat due to the popup screen for the sign up process only showing the right half of the dialogue box on my phone, with no way to scroll across to the left side of the dialogue box, and then by the time I thought I had my details correct as I couldnt see what I was typing into the dialogue box it finally popped up and asked if I was using a mobile and wanted the mobile verison of the website lols

I got my new account setup and password sent into my email account, which I then copy/pasted to sign in and that worked, but when I got to the part to change my password, the copy paste was no longer working (which is where I gave up in frustration)

Reckon you nailed the issue with the copy and pasting issue. Im on a computer now and will give it all a shot using that instead thanks mate :)
Wishlist / Re: S-Pen support
March 27, 2014, 07:06:32
I would add a +1 for spen support but that website is a nightmare using my phone and isn't allowing me to change my password. 10 minutes and I gave up on it. Please consider this a +1 from me. My maps are 3-4 gig each and 3 Meg extra for spen support is nothing
Tools / Re: display device screen on pc
February 20, 2014, 23:21:06
I use teamviewer quicksupport  on my non rooted galaxy note 2 - Works over wifi and I use it for controlling locus on my computers tv screen sometimes for programming in gps coordinates faster with the computer keyboard and viewing maps on a bigger computer screen (and its free)

It draws in the "soft buttons" down the bottom so you can still click your home button and back button and things using the computer mouse - and locus works as normal for everything :)

You can actually use your whole phone no worries with slight lag it mirrors everything i think
Troubles & Questions / Re: wrong symbol?
February 17, 2014, 03:15:28
Hold that button down for options and text but the padlock itself locks the zoom level.

To answer the question as asked though a padlock means nothing.  It's a item used to secure things and is used in locus just because the icon makes sense I guess
Quote from: menion on January 06, 2014, 11:09:55
May someone tell me why I do this when I have so much other tasks to do? :)

Because your such a nice guy :)

and WOW dont you act fast! thanks alot mate I will download and try it out :)

Hehehe you didnt have to rush it though - was just a thought for the future perhaps - but Im glad you did thanks alot mate :)

Edit - Seems to work great! Perfect!! Thanks :)