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Well, here it is. I hope it's useful for you!
I double-checked the "create field note" setting, and it is definitely disabled. Even enabling and disabling again didn't help
I just did a backup of the settings and tried to set locus back to default setting. After that is works again as intended, the field note is deleted after the upload. When I restore the backup, the problem is back. So it seems to be something in the settings although the "create field note" setting is disabled in both configurations.
Is it useful for you when i send you the "defect" settings backup file?

I'll describe it as detailed as I can.

1. There are currently no field notes on the device, the GCFieldNotes.txt is deleted and Geocaching Tools => Field notes says "No saved field notes".
2. I open a geocache and click on the button "field notes". In this dialog the log type is set to found, date/time/time zone is set correctly and the comment field is filled with my template.
3. I click "OK". A message "Bearbeitung läuft" (don't know the english phrase) appears
4. The dialog appears where I can choose between "log my visit", "upload field note" and "save offline"
5. I choose "upload fieldnote". Another message "Bearbeitung läuft" is running and changes to a "process successful".

Now I assume that the field note is deleted automatically from the device as the upload was successful, but
- I open Geocaching Tools => Field notes and there it is again.
- I open Geocaching Live =>Upload field notes and there it is, too.
- The field note is also written in the GCFieldNotes.txt.

It looks as if Locus simply writes into the GCFieldNotes.txt no matter if the upload was successful or not.

I hope that helps...
Hi again,

i just tested the new version and the problem with field notes saving offline when they were uploaded still exists...
Hi Menion,

i usually use the normal mode where this option isn't visible. I just changed to expert mode but the "Create Field note" option is not checked there either.

The time problem seems to come from locus, not from the upload itself. As i told, when I created a field note last weekend the time that was pre-filled in the dialog was totally different to the real time in the phone. I then cancelled the field note dialog and created a new one and the time was filled correctly. Anyway, i'll check that when i go caching the next time and report again. Maybe it was some kind of temporary problem.

I went caching last weekend and found two things regarding field notes that were a bit strange:

1. When logging a fieldnote online (=>Cache=>Fieldnote=>OK=>Upload Fieldnote), the fieldnote is also written in the "gcfieldnotes.txt". When using a combination of online and offline fieldnotes, eg. for the upload via GCLive, you always have two fieldnotes for one cache. I'm not sure if this is an intended behaviour or a bug as I think that it wasn't so in versions before 2.4.2.

2. Some fieldnotes i created last weekend had totally wrong time settings resulting in an incorrect order on the geocaching page. I didn't pay that much attention to it when I was out in the fields, but once i saw when creating a fieldnote that the time was not shown correctly in the time field, neither the hours nor the minutes (so it wasn't the time zone). After cancelling the fieldnote and creating a new one the time was correct. That happened for about 8 of 40 caches.

Can you help me there?

I will check the manual first before asking stupid questions...
I will check the manual first before asking stupid questions...
I will check the manual first before asking stupid questions...

I honestly never tried that option because i always thought that "view" after import just means opening the list, not activating them.
Using that option really makes the whole handling much easier.
Thank you very much for your help and patience :D

I see, there is no way to convince you  :)

Anyway, perhaps it is also me doing things more inconvenient that necessary.
I use Locus mainly as a geocaching app. Therefore I have 3 categories: "Caches", "Solved Mysteries" and "Other".
I mainly use the function to import Pocket Queries, but sometimes I also use the Geocaching4Locus-Addon.

The Workflow in previous versions was:
- Import Pocket Query, choose "caches" category
- Go to "Categories", enable "Caches"

Now I have to
- Import Pocket Query, choose "caches" category
- Go to POI, open caches and wait for the list to load
- click on the checkmark
- click "choose all" and wait

You see, the steeps needed to start caching is twice as long. I know, you don't have to do it that often, but when using the geocaching4locus-Addon, this has to be done every time you import caches from it.

If you don't want to change the poi screen anymore, perhaps some kind of "Auto-Enable everything after import"-option would be the solution. Of some kind of "Auto-Enable everyting in this category"-option in the settings for the category? Or is something like that even integrated?

And again, i didn't know that the POI screen in Data Manager also shows the items. Thanks for pointing that out.
I always use my phone in portrait mode where the list on the right isn't shown.

What about adding the checkboxes next to the categories list? This way, you can use the screen to activate/deactivate the categories and you can have the items shown on the same page if you use landscape mode / tablet. I used my uber-pro MSPaint-Skills to show you what I mean, please have look at the attached image.

Hi Menion,

thanks for your quick reply!
I didn't even know that the icons in the top menu can be changed. That makes it really easier.

One thing i don't understand though: Why are there two different POI screens in the first place?
There is the Data Manager => POI screen where I can add/delete categories and open the items included, but I can't activate/deactivate a category
there is the "Menu" => POI screen where I can activate/deactivate categories with a checkbox and open the items included, but I can't add/delete a category.
Wouldn't it be easier if the POI screen in the data manager also had the possibility to activate/deactivate categories, either by checkbox or by menu?
The "Menu" => POI screen could then open the same screen as the data manager and you have the same functionality with both functions.

Troubles & Questions / Activating Categories
June 20, 2012, 07:27:43

Since the last update, the "Category" icon in the data manager is gone. But how do i activate a whole category now instead of manually selecting all items and activate them? I found out that the Icon is still existand when using the sidebar, but as I want to keep the GUI clean and simple, i'm usually not using the sidebar. Could you add a checkbox in the poi screen where you can quickly activate/deactivate all items in a category? Or an option in the menu next to the category?


I have a quite urgent problem with the newest update 2.41.
Today I tried to import some Pocket Queries from, but the geocache symbols (traditional, mystery etc.) aren't showing on map any more. Only the symbol of the category is shown, no matter what kind of geocache it is.
I used unaltered pocket queries and tried importing from SD and via GC Live. Both ended with the wrong symbols.
The problem is that we're going to Portugal tomorrow and we wanted to use Locus as our main geocaching/nagivation/outdoor - app. Is there any possibility for a quick fix?

Thanks & Regards
Hi again!

I tried to recreate my routes using the method you mentioned, and the navigation is now working. Thanks for that!

Unfortunately I ran into another problem: The newly created routes now allow only "navigation", the "guide" - option doesn't exist in the route-menu.
Is there any way to have the option to use guiding AND navigation on the same route?
Thanks for your answer, that was just what I meant.
Maybe some kind of automatism would be useful to automatically add navigation instructions to imported tracks. Locus could simply do the same I did manually, open the imported track point by point and calculate the route by mapquest.
I also tested exporting that newly generated route to gpx and reimporting it. The navigation feature was still available and I didn't have to be online to start it.
The problem with using the start- and endpoint to create a new navigation route is that all the additional points of the route are gone, so that I'd have to rebuild every route from scratch with locus to keep the route as we planned it.
A new feature to add navigation to imported tracks would be great. I mean, Locus already has the route with its waypoints. If it would simply create a route between these points with route calculation automatically, you could simply change  your existing route to one with navigation feature included.
It's a bit difficult to explain as english is not my first language, but when i add a new route over my existing one, and add every point of my old route to the new one with navigation calculation enabled, the result would be exactly the same but with navigation feature.