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Of course, i've just uploaded one of our routes.
One file is the KML from GMaps, the other one is a converted GPX from The GPX file has a huge amount of points, so that Locus becomes a bit slower when loading it. Both routes are guide-able but not navigate-able in Locus.
Hi Henk,

thanks for your reply.

From what I've read from various threads in these forums, you only need a data connection when calculating the route.
After the calculation is completed, the "navigateable" route is stored. When you re-open that route while being offline, you can still use the voice navigation without being online. I've also read somewhere that these voice commands are stores in the gpx file created by locus. My idea was that i can import the route made with Google Maps, and let Locus calculate exactly that route again but with the navigation infos.

The guiding function you mentioned would be the other planned method for our trip, but as we use Locus also for driving by car, the voice navigation would be much more comfortable.

Hi there!

I recently bought Locus Pro and i absolutely love it. The first big thing I want to use it for is a roundabout in portugal.
I already created our routes for the trips using google maps, so that I now have around 20 KML files.
As I've read, the voice navigation feature is not possible when using imported routes.
Is there any way to easily create a navigation route from the existing KML-files, so that I can use the voice navigation without having to create the routes again from scratch? Or is there another way to use voice navigation on the existing routes?

Thanks & Greetings