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hi menion
doing it exactly like that did not help, but when playing around with this command, i think i found a solution (will test this for the next few weeks...).

with the quick bookmark configured as "geo:0,0?q={mapLat},{mapLon}(text)", the garmin app always failed, no matter what i wrote to the "text" field.
but when i wrote a real address to the "text" field, the target was always this address, no matter what coords  the garmin app got from locus.
so finally modifying the command to "geo:0,0?q={mapLat},{mapLon}", without giving further info in round brackets, solved the issue. now the garmin app only gets the coords, but no more address, and this seems to be accepted.

thank you very much for your support!

not sure if the drive app only works when it knows a physical garmin device. at least once it knows a device, there is no need for the drive app to be connected to the device to communicate with locus (to get position from locus).

i don't know how i can monitor what locus exactly sends to the drive app.
when sharing a text message instead of sharing with other map apps, i can see that when the shared text is "route principale, orvin," this position works when shared with other map apps garmin drive, but when it is just "orvin," it does not work.

this for sure looks like a garmin issue, as it does not seem to be very tolerant to the label it gets with the coords.
unfortunately i don't expect a quick solution from garmin :-(

btw: where does locus take the label from, it adds to the coords?

and is there a way for me to monitor what exactly locus sends to the map app, to further debug and give a more accurate error description to garmin support?

looks like i found the reason for the failure, i.e. quite a clear hint when it works and when it doesn't:

when putting a finger on a location on the map, locus shows a rectangle which contains <road name>,<village name> (<height>m).
for locations where locus shows all 3 'values', transfer to garmin drive seems to work.
but wherever locus does not show a <road name>, transfer to garmin drive fails.

what's the reason for locus to not show a road name? (even in places where there is no road, locus usually shows a road name)

e.g. N47°10.108 E7°15.163 is a place where only the village name is shown and no road (although there is a road). and this position fails when transferred to garmin drive app.

if the road name comes from the map, would it be possible to force adding some dummy text to the location information sent to garmin drive, when there is no road name?
for years, i used locus to forward position data to the garmin drive app using
share / other map apps
and selecting the garmin drive app.
this worked really well so far, but now, after not using this functionality for a few weeks, it does not work anymore, or does only work in 1 out of about 20 or more tries.
have there been any changes in the data format locus uses to send data to another app?
what i can say is that this worked perfect in january, but now it does not work anymore.
sounds good. when is this version expected to be available?
and when can i expect it for classic version?
looks like my plans completely failed  :'(

on the old android 11 device, i was able to sync a zip file with the whole 'new' content to be added to the Locus/data/geocaching folder to the device, and then use TC to extract it to Locus/data/geocaching. this worked fine.

now with the new android 14 device, i haven't found a way to access Locus/data/geocaching under android/data. neither TC nor x-plore allows me to access anything below android/data.
i can only access the locus folder under android/media.

unfortunately, locus does not allow me to configure the geocaching folder to android/media  :'(

is there any workaround to copy files to the geocaching folder within the android/data structure or to allow locus to access html and jpg data in a different location?

actually i feel quite lost  :'(

i recently ran some tests on this topic. so far, i had the locus data folder on the sd card, so i just removed the card and connected it to the pc to update the locus data folder. with a phone withour sd card, i need a new solution:

with only internal flash, connecting the phone to the pc over usb was no great success. copying data to the phone took hours, and deleting old data on the phone took even longer and usb connection crashed frequently.

my approach is now to put all files into a zip archive which may synchronize with the phone in about no time. then on the phone, i unpack the zip to the data/geocaching folder using totalcommander (this tool is still able to access data/geocaching).
doing so takes almost endless too, but as it is all running on the phone i don't need to connect the phone to the pc for hours and it runs much more stable.
are there any plans to add zip folder support in the future?
transferring zipped folders indeed is much faster.
but i think locus is not able to work with zipped folders, right?
i.e. when copying the whole content of data/geocache as a zip file to the device, i need to unpack it before locus can access the html files. right?
i will soon need to switch to a new android device with a recent android version.
so far, i had the data/geocaching folder on the external sd card. this allowed me to stick the sd card to the pc and replace all the html files in the geocaching folder.

unfortunately, new smartphones do no longer have an sd card slot. so this all needs to go to internal memory.

from my experience with several galaxy phones, i learnt that copying a structure of a few ten-thousands of files to the device using usb connection often crashes, either when adding or when deleting the file structure, i.e. it may take several retries and copying takes hours because of the slow usb access when copying many files.
therefore i would like to use an OTA tool like syncthing to synchronize the folder in between pc and android phone. like that, i do not need to connect the phone to the pc for hours.

unfortunately, syncthing is not able to access folders under android/data.
is there an option for locus to have the data/geocaching folder in a different location which can also be accessed from a different tool like syncthing?

btw: i use locus classic
i use the "gsak für locus" addon from bubendorf for quite some time to show geocaches from a gsak database on locus.
this worked fine so far, but today i recognized that no more logs are shown within locus, while the rest of the data seems to be still ok.
have there recently been any changes to the addon interface of locus?
this issue seems to be fixed in the latest version (3.57.1).
loading data from the geocaching folder works fine now and is very fast.
thank you very much for the fix!
- i'm actually using the end-of-year-beta
- themes are zipped on the sd card
i think menion has already analyzed my logs. so this was just meant to be an update to confirm that this behaviouir is not because of a bad sd card.
in the mean time, i replaced the sd card. the new one is a samsung evo+ too, but has twice the size and is probably less fragmented than the one i had before...
but startup is only a few seconds faster than with the old one.
so the old sd card was probably fine.