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sounds good. when is this version expected to be available?
and when can i expect it for classic version?
looks like my plans completely failed  :'(

on the old android 11 device, i was able to sync a zip file with the whole 'new' content to be added to the Locus/data/geocaching folder to the device, and then use TC to extract it to Locus/data/geocaching. this worked fine.

now with the new android 14 device, i haven't found a way to access Locus/data/geocaching under android/data. neither TC nor x-plore allows me to access anything below android/data.
i can only access the locus folder under android/media.

unfortunately, locus does not allow me to configure the geocaching folder to android/media  :'(

is there any workaround to copy files to the geocaching folder within the android/data structure or to allow locus to access html and jpg data in a different location?

actually i feel quite lost  :'(

i recently ran some tests on this topic. so far, i had the locus data folder on the sd card, so i just removed the card and connected it to the pc to update the locus data folder. with a phone withour sd card, i need a new solution:

with only internal flash, connecting the phone to the pc over usb was no great success. copying data to the phone took hours, and deleting old data on the phone took even longer and usb connection crashed frequently.

my approach is now to put all files into a zip archive which may synchronize with the phone in about no time. then on the phone, i unpack the zip to the data/geocaching folder using totalcommander (this tool is still able to access data/geocaching).
doing so takes almost endless too, but as it is all running on the phone i don't need to connect the phone to the pc for hours and it runs much more stable.
are there any plans to add zip folder support in the future?
transferring zipped folders indeed is much faster.
but i think locus is not able to work with zipped folders, right?
i.e. when copying the whole content of data/geocache as a zip file to the device, i need to unpack it before locus can access the html files. right?
i will soon need to switch to a new android device with a recent android version.
so far, i had the data/geocaching folder on the external sd card. this allowed me to stick the sd card to the pc and replace all the html files in the geocaching folder.

unfortunately, new smartphones do no longer have an sd card slot. so this all needs to go to internal memory.

from my experience with several galaxy phones, i learnt that copying a structure of a few ten-thousands of files to the device using usb connection often crashes, either when adding or when deleting the file structure, i.e. it may take several retries and copying takes hours because of the slow usb access when copying many files.
therefore i would like to use an OTA tool like syncthing to synchronize the folder in between pc and android phone. like that, i do not need to connect the phone to the pc for hours.

unfortunately, syncthing is not able to access folders under android/data.
is there an option for locus to have the data/geocaching folder in a different location which can also be accessed from a different tool like syncthing?

btw: i use locus classic
i use the "gsak für locus" addon from bubendorf for quite some time to show geocaches from a gsak database on locus.
this worked fine so far, but today i recognized that no more logs are shown within locus, while the rest of the data seems to be still ok.
have there recently been any changes to the addon interface of locus?
this issue seems to be fixed in the latest version (3.57.1).
loading data from the geocaching folder works fine now and is very fast.
thank you very much for the fix!
- i'm actually using the end-of-year-beta
- themes are zipped on the sd card
i think menion has already analyzed my logs. so this was just meant to be an update to confirm that this behaviouir is not because of a bad sd card.
in the mean time, i replaced the sd card. the new one is a samsung evo+ too, but has twice the size and is probably less fragmented than the one i had before...
but startup is only a few seconds faster than with the old one.
so the old sd card was probably fine.
i installed x-plore, but i can see only the internal flash (and a root folder of the same size, which is not accessible), but not the external sd card.
do i need to do any configuration to get access to the sd card (it does not even show up)
hi menion

ok, so i think it's not because of the themes. so this matches what i've seen during the tests.

so short question about installing the beta:
- will this install side by side with the official version from google play or will it replace the official one?
- and if it replaces, how will i get back to the official version afterwards?
  so far, i only know about getting beta versions from google play (but also don't remember exactly how to do so)
hi menion

sorry for reporting things getting slow again and again!

unfortunately, the getting slow issues always start with a locus update, so it really looks like they have something to do with the new locus version.

i already thought about having a problem with the sd card. it's a samsung evo+, so i would expect it to be not that slow. but to be on the secure side, i ordered a new one 2 days ago to make sure that the issues have nothing to do with the sd card.

i will generate an example geocaching folder for you within the next few days. to what email address can i then send the link to (i don't like to post it in a forum)?

btw: what screen is called point & track?
Quote from: michaelbechtold on December 30, 2021, 19:03:05
Any download or update will go to the internal mapsVector then, but via PC you can move them to external (if LoMaps), or in case of other map sources, just download to PC and then push the new versions to the EXT SD via PC.
The start times should be checked by Menion, based on your logs.
ok, so no issue for me as i download the maps from the pc anyway and copy them to the sd card then.

but i think this is only valid for mapsVector, that locus reads data from internal and external location as well, while it is configured to internal? right?
so for maps and subfolders of data, only internal or external is checked and not both?
ok, i tried to enable logging, but maybe i do someting wrong.
after enabling, i get a white window "Pref 'KEY_B_DEBUGS_LOGS_TO_FILE'", as well as a green field saying "Log to file: Disabled".
and after that, the hamburger menu still shows that logging is disabled.