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Everything seems to be working great with the new additions to the app. Having the screen that pops up and askes if you would like to exit "just incase you hit the back button too many times" really helped out alot. User interface is very simple and self explanitory in the application, and having such a wide variety of settings and functions makes this great.
 One more quick opinion, the POI's are very easy to keep arranged and in seperate catagories so they are easy to find and keep clean, i have over 400 POI's lol. But the one issue i am seeing with somebody that creates new tracks or records multiple track files is that it becomes very very difficult to keep the tracks in order, I have over 200 tracks on this application now and trying to find the one I need is becoming very very difficult. its just one giant list of tracks that i need to scroll through, so if I have routes in multiple cities or specific types of tracks that I want to keep seperate it takes me quite awhile to find what i need. why not make a track function like with the POI's that you can make multiple folders "catagories" to keep your track logs nice and organized. Or just add the ability to create a new catagory under POI's and allow the track files to be moved there.
I must say you are amazing! 6 stars for you my friend! You added the ability to draw a new route manually while offline and show the names of the POI's on the map! modifications to track style are awesome along with making everything user friendly! too many options is never a bad thing as long as they are controllable. Now if I had MGRS as a coordinate format then that would be all i need personally for what I use this for. Once again your making a great application here, and making changes and adding new features based on what your users are saying shows well on your character my friend!  :D  Thank you and I will continue to test this out for you and let you know what I think. I use it daily so you will be hearing back from me.
Troubles & Questions / Garmin Map conversion
January 17, 2011, 12:41:02
I have a garmin map of the area I am in it is a (.img) file and I am wondering if Locus will read and display it. or if there is any way to convert this map file into something that Locus can read.
update worked! no more error message! i will be out today doing some heavy navigation through some remote areas. will update you on any issues or ideas. THANKS AGAIN!
EDIT-  STAND BY!! JUST SAW YOU ADDED AN UPDATE! hopefully it takes care of the following problem
I added a map into Locus and when i turn locus on it says
"Map bigger then 2GB are, due to limitations of android system, not allowed. Please remove mapfrom "maps" direcory to avoid this message!

But the map is ony 323mb????? and there are no other maps in the map directory.
reinstalled Locus again and tried to repeat the process but i get the same message, and the map does not show up under user maps, but if i add it using the + tab at the bottom to import the map it shows it as being in the map folder, and when i click on it it says,  "Map was already added!" but it stildoes not show up under user maps.
Quote1. is this really so useful? What are cases in nature where you need to draw your own path on map?

well being based off this application is used for having the ability to use personal downloaded maps and use them in an offline area out of cellrange or internet connections then yes it would be useful. Drawing the tracks on the map in my eyes is not just "planning a track or path to follow" but you can also use this function to draw lines and highlight specific areas on the map, giving the user the ability to make changes on the go when he or she is out of range of internet conections. So lets say for example your at home connected to the internet and you plan a track through the mountians using google satellite maps that you have downloaded onto Locus. You plan the track ahead of time and the next day follow it based on what you see on the map. ie..paths roads etc. Now lets say you get to a point on that track after you are in the mountians and you come to find out that the track is not going to work ie...unpassable. now being able to go back in and create a new track to work around the obsticle to get to the desired location.
 Just my opinion

Awesome work on this application though.
Quotesuperscout03 wrote:
-Being able to manually draw your own track on the map without having to be connected to the internet. and still having the funtion of editablity, track color, name, etc..
and you responded.....
Quotemenion wrote:
This is already there. Just connect to My Maps and tap "Edit" on any of your map!!

Question still remains...
Yeah but you still have to be connected to the internet and logged into "My Maps" to be able to draw on the map, you cannot draw on the map in Locus in offline mode, so if you are in an area with no internet or out on an expedition in the middle of nowhere and you want to be able to plan your own track on the go and manually draw it then it wont let you..... unless your connected to online to My Maps.
BRAVO! This application is getting better with every upgrade you do. Being able import and record and rename and edit track files is awesome, line-color width name etc...
A few ideas from me.

-Being able to manually draw your own track on the map without having to be connected to the internet. and still having the funtion of editablity, track color, name, etc..

- an option to be able to see the the "name" of a point and or "waypoint" on the screen without tapping on the icon. example.. you have a point set on the map and the name of the point hovers overtop of or next to the icon making it so you dont have to tap the icon to see its name. But have the feature be able to turn on or off also.

- More location formats than just Lat/Lon and UTM. I personally use MGRS for most of my applications and navigation, due to the fact that it is much easier and faster to input and the fact that alot of roads are non existant in my area. But thats just me.

-Being able to make categories for track logs or and making seperate folders for specific type tracks instead of having them all cram into one folder...kinda like the way you have the points management set up being able to create seperate catagories.

Your doing awesome work here whith this application. Keep up the good work!

any way that this is possible? like if you select menu and "move map" and then select "to coordinates"  and at the top of the tab is the scroll down list  of coordinate formats, but the only formats are WGS Lat/lon and UTM. But having MGRS coordinates would make manually entry very easy especially for regions around the world that use MGRS for navigaton. Any way I could manually enter in a program to Locus to either add MGRS or convert Lat/Lon into MGRS?
didnt really mean route planning. But you cant place a path or a track on the map manually unless the phone is conected to the internet. If i disconnect the WiFi internet on my phone or go out of range...if i click on the right tab in Locus (the little guy holding the flag) it just says "information", and does nothing. But if i am connected to the internet the application for making a path on the map works fine.
but why does the route planning only work when you have an internet connection?? it does not work without an internet connection.
THE UPDATE IS AWESOME!! 4 stars for you my friend!!
where do you add these 3 updates in Locus? folder location?
Great application you have here, and I am now using it in the area where I am with my galaxy tab, it uses GPS instead of cell towers. One quick question about the coordinates display, I can only use and see my location as Lat/Lon and UTM based locations. Is there any way to be able to add MGRS grid locations without going through the whole process of using an external app to convert locations. If i could just add a point on the map by entering a MGRS location instead of Lat/Lon that would be awesome. and being able to see my location as MGRS.