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some of the numerical grid locations are coming up in 10 digits, some 9 digits, but most are 8 digits. but the first part of the grid, its showing my zone identifier as 38SMB but it is supposed to be 38SMF, there is a huge difference and about 200 miles between the two.
I noticed you added the ability to show your current positon in MGRS now. But there is one bug. The grid is wrong and the numerical part is only 8 digits long ??
whenever i bring up the keyboard to type in a location under MGRS "move map to" it will only let me type in numbers but not letters. and without being able to type in letters I cannot move the map to the MGRS location that i need.
And actually the MGRS is not working, the coordinates are messed up. it wont let me type in letters like the first identifiers like 38SMF followed by the 10 digit grid for example  38S MF 12345 12345. an MGRS grid at its closest proximity should be 15 digits long, the first 5 digits and letters being the region location and the last 10 digits being the actual grid location. i am only showing 9 in the system, and the region code is way off
You added MGRS but ony for finding a location, not to display your current position in MGRS its missing from that selection under Settings/Localization/"Coordinates Format".
thanks got it in my e-mail, downloading now. I will let you know how it goes. Thanks again!
yeah nothing on the market yet  :x  I dont know why, but there are alot of apps that are not available in my area anymore, or ones that I cant get on the market while I am here. But while I am in the U.S i can get pretty much all of them.
No its not showing up in my market, Locus has not shown up in my market for a couple of weeks now for me. Can you post the update on here?
HELP!! I dont think its gonna show up on my market. When you released an update on the market a couple weeks ago Locus was not there. I have not been able to update execpt for the updates you post on here. The only thing i can find in the market for Locus is the "Locus addon Contacts" but that is just an addon. Can you send me the update in a message or post it on here?
why cant i find it?
yes this is correct, if you have loaded alot of new information or instaled a new update you might have to wait a few minutes on the white screen or on the screen that says initilizing. It might seem like it is frozen up but it will kick on in a few minutes. I only get this if I loaded a new version or just installed lots of information into locus. But after its done initilizing it wont do it again.
Did you release it? this is like christmas for me! I have not seen the update yet though. =)
Great work again!
 I combined all of my downloaded maps into one folder and Locus put them together as one large map of the whole region I am in, about a 4GB map total combined! just so you are understanding size scale.....about an area 200miles east/west x 200miles north/south. Runs fast does not freeze up, (and it does NOT double tile the map; just incase you were wondering) i have about 1,000 waypoints and hudreds of tracks saved in locus now that I imported and its all working great. The inversion abiity of the lettering on the icons was a great idea especially for users that use satellite imagery. I use this appication daily and on long range movements and for very in depth navigation and the program keeps getting better and better. Only one more thing I would like to see and you already know what that is, more coordinate formats! like MGRS!!!! =). Cause trying to type in lat/lon or bearing degrees is a pain!
One bug i noticed, it says you can add a photo to a waypoint, i tried and it places a thumbnail photo in there that is extremely small, and if you click on the thumbnail photo it asks if you want to erase it...nothing else. And then it just dissapears after you close it out. And it only allows you to take a photo which is fine, but you should also be able to load a photo from the photo gallery and link it to the waypoint.

Thanks again! just waiting on those coordinate formats!

new updates are working great, being able to customize the right tabs was a great idea. new icons are awesome as well. one thing that i saw you changed that i personally dont like is i cant have my waypoints show their name on the screen any more unless i tap them or hover over it with the crosshairs. I understand you might of done this to reduce clutter, but being able to see names of waypoint before you arrive to them is a must for an aplication like this. For safety purposes you want to limit having to touch the screen while driving, making an option to have all the names show or not show should be the way to go with this. cause while driving down the road you dont want to be clicking or moving the crosshairs over a waypoint while trying to concentrate on driving. And one more bug, in the menu screen that shows, pints, tracks, catagories, import ect... if i turn my unit sideways into a landscape mode half of the title icons get cut off, in vertical viewing its fine. I have a galaxy tab
Implemented / Attaching a photo to a POI
January 30, 2011, 14:03:25
Just kinda thought this one up, and would probably be useful to a few people including me. Being able to attach a photo to a POI under the description section would be kinda cool. That way people can have a the information they need about any POI they enter. Lets say i go to my POI and snap a small photo of it, ie..front of a house, or a cave in a mountian. whatever you want. So when I save that location as a POI there can be something that allows me to attach a photo to it or thumbnail photo. That way when later on they can go back and just tap the POI icon and then tap the Information tab and then blam! a photo and any other information pops up regarding that location.