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Implemented / Attaching a photo to a POI
January 30, 2011, 14:03:25
Just kinda thought this one up, and would probably be useful to a few people including me. Being able to attach a photo to a POI under the description section would be kinda cool. That way people can have a the information they need about any POI they enter. Lets say i go to my POI and snap a small photo of it, ie..front of a house, or a cave in a mountian. whatever you want. So when I save that location as a POI there can be something that allows me to attach a photo to it or thumbnail photo. That way when later on they can go back and just tap the POI icon and then tap the Information tab and then blam! a photo and any other information pops up regarding that location.
Troubles & Questions / Garmin Map conversion
January 17, 2011, 12:41:02
I have a garmin map of the area I am in it is a (.img) file and I am wondering if Locus will read and display it. or if there is any way to convert this map file into something that Locus can read.
Great application you have here, and I am now using it in the area where I am with my galaxy tab, it uses GPS instead of cell towers. One quick question about the coordinates display, I can only use and see my location as Lat/Lon and UTM based locations. Is there any way to be able to add MGRS grid locations without going through the whole process of using an external app to convert locations. If i could just add a point on the map by entering a MGRS location instead of Lat/Lon that would be awesome. and being able to see my location as MGRS.