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I am trying to download the testing version to test it out. But it keeps saying (download unsuccessful)  is the link broken now?
Quote from: "menion"I also think that due to lot of functions, it quite easy to understand and that's main for now. What do better? There is a lot of things ... :)
Yes correct, even though there are alot of settings and functions Locus is very easy to learn and set up.
i like the way the menu system is set up now, but adding a ? hint tab to the settings sounds ok also. I love Locus and have been using it for a long time. I use it every day. But my only issue that I personally see from after updating locus yesterday is the over crowded screen and not being able to turn off the tags and labels and start and stop "dots" for tracks. And the background for the labels is always white, should have the same feature for the font color or the ability to make the label backgroud transparent. You have a great program, and the best part about it is the ability to control so many settings and that allows the user to set up the program exactly as he needs it. Unlike garmin with its limited features and settings, I think from when I first started using this program I got about 50-70 guys I work with to ditch their garmin GPS's and they now run Locus on tablets.
Menion, that screen looks beautiful. Options are always a good thing in my opinion. This gives the users the ability to show all labels, and or only waypoint or tracks. Bravo. And (joeloc)  options are truthfully a good thing and not negative or a bad idea, thats the whole point of a user interface. Just like Traction control in my corvette, I leave it OFF almost every time i drive it. Because sometimes the option to be in control of my car is better than the car being in control of me. In better words "Freedom"
 Thanks Menion that option screen looks awesome.
thank you! =)
i just would lik to have the ability to turn the labels off for the tracks only, just like the feature for waypoints. (never, on hover, always) I like having the ability to have my manually created points to show all the time, or off if I want, but the track names is a little overkill for me. and it seems the only way to get them off the screen is to have all of the lables turned off.
i dont need all the labels visible, there are labes ontop of labels, just like you have the function to turn labels on and off for waypoints, there should also be the same feature for tracks.
see all the stuff, it covers alot of the tracks. you have an option to turn on and off point icons and labels but not for tracks. Some  of the tracks i will manuall create with the draw function. and it seems to add just too much to the map with all the labels.
Yes please add a function that allows the user to turn on and off the track start and stop icons that cover the map (and the name of the track) . And the blue dots that are permanantly showing at the start and stop of each track gets kind of annoying. I have short and long tracks with my own added points along the track and it completely clutters the map and tracks. I have hundreds of tracks for the desolate and barrren area I am in. Alot of tracks connect with eachother branching off like a tree and the screen is just covered with white tabs everywhere, And I am running a 10" screen tablet. the new style of Icon tabs (waypoint and track names) with the white background just clutters the screen too much. (maybe an option to make the tabs transparent and only make the font visable maybe? because you can change the color of the font but not the background) I have been using a previous version of locus from about 6 months ago and was hesitant to update it, and I did yesterday but I think I should have waited. But your map application is still by far one of my favorite things to use.
I will start off by saying a few things.... I push the limits of this application every single day and it has amazed me more than any application I have come across. This is true for me because I probably use the application a little different than most do and use it more than most do. I run this application anywhere from 5-12 hours a day and it has helped me in so many ways that i could not put a list out long enough. I also use a Garmin GPS device but it has its limitations (alot of them) and also if you have not seen this application in acton on a Galaxy Tab then you are missing out...LOL. This whole application has provided me with a tool that is extremely useful and I thank you for the time and effort you put into it. And also listening to the users and adding in their ideas and i must say also doing it very quickly. So thanks again 10 stars for you my friend.

One more Idea from me. How about adding in a real time tracking addon...Lets say I have Locus and a friend has Locus and we can connect our two devices via cell network and if I am at home my friend can go out and I can see everywher he goes. Using a cell network allow it only to maybe send a burst signal to my phone providing the coordinates of the device that is out and moving.(so basically i can have Locus turned on and watch another device move along the map) And being able to set up how often it updates the moving position with other contacts of your choice within Locus. It would basically be like a 2 way beacon tracking system where I can see and watch where my friend is going and he can see my location as well.)  Maybe using the cell network one Locus application can take the coordinates and constantly burst send them to another Locus user and then Locus applies those coordinates and shows the location on the map, and continously updating every few seconds or so. Is something like this possible? Even if this hinders cell phone usage while Locus is on your while something like this is running I think it would be pretty useful.
MGRS grid locations works great now. Went and tested it at some known locations and compared it to my garmin as well. All is great thank you. Awesome upgrades as usual! 5 stars!
oooh sweet thanks. I will let you know how it goes
it seems to me that it is having a problem displaying the first numerical number if it is a (0)  anything greater than a zero will show up.

so for instance a fake numerical grid like this in its correct form  38SMF0123404321  in Locus it will display it as 38SMF12344321

but this is where it can get very confusing, take a correct fake location like this it  38SMF 1234505433  in locus it will look like this 38SMF123455433   it messes you up because you dont know if the 0 goes infront of the first set of 5 numbers or the 2nd set.  BUT the biggest issue is getting the correct zone identifier for the grid, my location is 38SMF and locus shows it as 38SMB
there is plenty of room for more numbers, and no its not splitting the MGRS location into two lines.
Here is a converted grid location for you.. both are the same location and both are correct locations. in Locus the readings are different though.

WGS format  N 36.20312   E 043.99135

MGRS format  38SMF 09325 06949

in Locus the MGRS locaton for that position is 38SMB 9324 6948