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I already tried GPSies when you first suggested it. But imo the structure of that site is a mess, had to find stuff. Anyway, I uploaded the track but it just showed distance and the track. No speed data were shown.
I tried to do some further investigations but I still do not get it (the cause).

I measured the distance between two waypoints in Google Earth and divided it by the time between the two points. Well... the result is the same as Google Earth says: 37.07m/2s = 44km/h

But that is not true. I did not drive 44km/h on my bike at this position. The next weird thing is... in the track overview in Google Earth it says max. Speed is 39,5km/h while one waypoint has 44. Can't be....

When I have a look at the waypoint in question in Locus it looks like this:

And this is correct!!!

So something in Google Earth is totally fucked up. Maybe the distance is calculated falsely. I don't know. Locus rules, GE sucks!!!
Quote from: "menion"So click on it and choose Locus to handle this url.

I can only choose my browsers as handlers. So what now?
No I didn't try that. But I will. Does Locus use the "differential" method to compute the time? Or "should" a speed parameter be exported? Your post sounds to me like you're surprised.
Can I sent that to you privately please cause I don't want anybody to see my exact track  :o
Is the track written on SD card as it records, or does it record to the internal memory and just written on the SD card when you press stop?
Haha  :D

No way I can really do more than 200 in my car except if I were dropped from a plane or on a trailer pulled by a Porsche Cayenne or so  :lol:

So it is not a mixup of different files.

I just took a look at further files. Also a bike trip where speed also doesn't fit. Well I guess it must be a problem of Google Earth because the Data in Locus is correct. Or could that come from the export of Data?

As I said, Locus is always correct. The data in Locus matches the data my GPS Navigation inside the car gave me and the bike data in Locus matches exactly my bike speedometer.

Some proof:

Bike: 46km/h (Locus) vs. 57 km/h (GEarth)

Car 1: 171km/h vs. 204 km/h

Car 2: 152km/h vs. 189km/h

Hello, another question. I recorded some experimental tracks with Locus Pro while driving around in the car. When I look at the track statistics in Locus after i finished the record, the data is correct. For example at my yesterdays track it said maximum speed 171km/h.

But when I look at the exported gpx file in Google Earth my max speed is somehow 207 km/h and there are other very short high speed peaks that are not correct. I did three experimental tracks while driving in the car so far, and this always happens. Any idea what could be the explanation of this? Or is just Google Earth messing something up  :(
After I could reproduce the problem as often as I wanted when I opened this topic, I can't reproduce it anymore now... But I'll post a crash report when it will... :) Thx
Quote from: "menion"May you create for me log with crash please?

How do I do that?
I just updated to Locus Pro 1.13.0.

Now when I click on a link in Locus (for example the info link for a specific map type) the browser opens and I can read the content. When I want to go back, Locus stays completely white for a while and then the process crashes  :?:

It doesn't happen every time, but it happens in like 80% of the time. Any idea why?  :?:  :?:  :?:

PS: The crash doesn't create a log file in the log folder of Locus.

I think I found out, that it only crashes when I'm downloading tiles for offline usage. So I think I'll just avoid clicking on links while doing that.