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I've had the problem for month and tried not to bother about it. But it bothers me more and more.

When I record any track and want to share it with the track statistics it is always rendered partially white. It isn't specific to a region in my vector map (from openandromaps). I can go wherever I want, about half the preview picture is always white. I've tried a newer version of the vectormap (of the whole of Germany). I've tried it in different countries (with other vector maps). Always the same issue.

I've been using it for many many years without a problem.

I've attached a screenshot showing the issue.

I've been a Locus user since 2011, mainly to look on the offline maps in the middle of the forest and to occasionally track my ride.

Anyway, I just got a heart rate sensor and a proper bike mount to keep my cellphone on and in sight during the whole ride.

I noticed, that the current speed reading while riding in the forest, with a lot of trees is up to 50% off from the actual speed (measured with my bike odometer). When I ride on an open area, the speed calculated by Locus is by a margin of 0.5 km/h the same as my bike odometer reads.

So it kind of makes, I guess the GPS signal in the forest is not too good, but the tracking itself (= the waypoints) are good and fairly accurate, the total distance of the trip matched by a deviation of about 200 meters on a 30km trip with the bike odometer. I also don't have the false speed problem with another app called "Sportactive" or runtastic.

How can it be, that Locus records the track/waypoints fairly correctly, but the speed calculation has a error of about 50%?
I've seen, that in the new release live tracking is possible. But I don't find any information about it, am I blind  ;) ?

Do I understand correctly, that with this feature, I can "stream" my location at that someone at a computer, can watch were I am currently? When I open the options for this feature in Locus, I can input some server settings. What kind of server does that need to be? How do I set it up? What do I have to do?

But it would be cool if it worked, just yesterday I was thinking about requesting such a feature :P
Hi. A couple of days ago, locus crashed while I was checking my location on a trip. Since then, it crashes every time, just seconds after I open it. It starts, i can see the "refreshing" icon in the top bar, and then it crashes.
I attached the crash log, if that helps. It was very unfortunate today, because it was actually the first time I really 'needed' it instead of just playing around  :cry:

Any idea why and how I can fix it? Unfortunately, I can not go online with the android device. I'm typing this on a laptop with a cable connection.
Hello, another question. I recorded some experimental tracks with Locus Pro while driving around in the car. When I look at the track statistics in Locus after i finished the record, the data is correct. For example at my yesterdays track it said maximum speed 171km/h.

But when I look at the exported gpx file in Google Earth my max speed is somehow 207 km/h and there are other very short high speed peaks that are not correct. I did three experimental tracks while driving in the car so far, and this always happens. Any idea what could be the explanation of this? Or is just Google Earth messing something up  :(
I just updated to Locus Pro 1.13.0.

Now when I click on a link in Locus (for example the info link for a specific map type) the browser opens and I can read the content. When I want to go back, Locus stays completely white for a while and then the process crashes  :?:

It doesn't happen every time, but it happens in like 80% of the time. Any idea why?  :?:  :?:  :?:

PS: The crash doesn't create a log file in the log folder of Locus.

I think I found out, that it only crashes when I'm downloading tiles for offline usage. So I think I'll just avoid clicking on links while doing that.