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hello again...

thank you menion for your tryings and for your support.

because i'm heavily use this app,  i bought it a second time (this time via play store in christmas sale).
i love this great app.

on the other site i'm very angry about androidpit that they force me to buy apps twice, and that they are too lazy to look for a solution. shame on them.

nevertheless... merry christmas to all...

hello there...

i bought locus pro via androidpit app center some time ago.

as i read they are going to close their app center.

is it possible to move my license to play store?
how can i receive updates without having to buy it again?

thank you for your help

thank you menion for your fast reply!!

and also thank you for your awesome app! i'm heavily using it while mountineering in tyrol (austria). it's just perfect for me...
in comibnation with mapc2mapcnet it's unbeatable...

thank you!

greez peter
hey.. thank you for your quick help...
now... navigation is of, but i still see the blue route with the read corner points... how do i disable this???

thanks for your help

Troubles & Questions / how do i stop navigation mode
November 06, 2011, 16:56:03
hello to all here...

i've run into a stupid problem wich i couldn't solve by googleing or forum search...
i started voice navigation...

but i'm not able to stop it :D

can somebody help me, how i stop the vocie navigation mode?

thank you for your help!


ich hab wirklich eine dumme frage, die ich bis jetzt auch nicht mit forum lösen konnte....

hab den navigationsmodus gestartet, krieg aber nciht raus, wie ich den auch wieder beenden kann...

kann mir bitte jemand helfen?

danke einstweilen

gruß peter
thanks axelpix...
your solution is workin fine... unfortunately a little bit copious... but far better than nothing...
maybe menion is able to provide a better solution sometime.

thank you four your help
regards peter
hi rob...

my approach only works for zoom 13 and lower (zoomlevel on bergfex). for 14 and 15 (the zoom levels where it becomes interesting) there changes the folder structure on the server.

 if its possible to manipulate strings in the xml (i.e. get the first numbers of the x-coordinate) then it would be possible to get (at least) the higher zoomlevels...

maybe menion can help us...


my entry in providers.xml is:

<provider id="10193" type="0" visible="true" background="-1">

first of all i've got to say, that this is a really awesome app you created! thank you!!

i'm trying to add maps from to my online map resources. it turns out, that for zoomlevels 14 and 15 the folder structure on the server changes.

so my first question is... is there a possibility to deal with the fact that for different zoomlevels another folder structure exists?

the next thing i noticed is, that the folder name consists of part of the x coordinate...  i.e. for x=17503 the file on the server is /images/amap/15/175/15_17503_1152.png.

is there the possibility to manipulate coordinate strings?

thank you for your help and for this awsome app

greets peter