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hello there...

i bought locus pro via androidpit app center some time ago.

as i read they are going to close their app center.

is it possible to move my license to play store?
how can i receive updates without having to buy it again?

thank you for your help

Troubles & Questions / how do i stop navigation mode
November 06, 2011, 16:56:03
hello to all here...

i've run into a stupid problem wich i couldn't solve by googleing or forum search...
i started voice navigation...

but i'm not able to stop it :D

can somebody help me, how i stop the vocie navigation mode?

thank you for your help!


ich hab wirklich eine dumme frage, die ich bis jetzt auch nicht mit forum lösen konnte....

hab den navigationsmodus gestartet, krieg aber nciht raus, wie ich den auch wieder beenden kann...

kann mir bitte jemand helfen?

danke einstweilen

gruß peter