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Implemented / Offline maps from KMZ files
July 20, 2011, 21:15:11
It would be nice if you could load image overlays embedded in KMZ files as offline maps. Various programs can export these (including google earth), and it might be a way for people to easily create custom offline maps (from trail maps etc)

Is there a way to create a custom map for use in Locus, from an image of a map downloaded off a website? For example trail maps from park websites like ... 0w_32c.gif

I found I could do it with Orux Maps, there's a tool "OruxMapsDesktop" that lets you import an image, specify lat/long coordinates and match them up to x/y pixel coordinates, and then it outputs a sqlite DB for use with OruxMaps. I would like either:
A) A tool that does the same thing for Locus, or
B) Be able to load Orux SQLite maps into Locus somehow (either natively, or via a tool that converts them to Locus format)

It's handy to be able to look at a GPS and see your location on the official park map which has all the trails marked...other sources such as OSM or MyTopo often don't have all the trails marked.