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If it's saying the map is too big...don't make the map so big then? Break it into sections, or remove some zoom levels or something.
Implemented / Re: Offline maps from KMZ files
July 29, 2011, 07:00:40
MAPC2MAPC can convert KMZ files to Locus sqlitedb map format...might want to give that a try. I've had decent luck with it so far.
There's a couple apps on the android market that claim to do the map calibration on-phone from a picture. Some free ones even: ... Calibrator ... ika&rdot=1 ... rch_result

Probably don't have all the features of locus, but if you want this one particular thing it might be good.
Maps / Re: Free maps for hiking
July 26, 2011, 07:05:48
Looks like a really cool site...too bad it's broken right now (I get errors about them needing a new google map API key)
My results:

1. Using MAPC2MAPC to calibrate the map and saving sqlite DB --> once in Locus, comes out wrong and stretched compared to where it should be. This could be because MAPC2MAPC doesn't support very many didn't support the one I needed (Lambert_Conformal_Conic), so I just picked another one, but it could be wrong. Or perhaps the calibration method in MAPC2MAPC doesn't work very well.

2. Calibrating the map in google earth by hand, saving as KMZ, using MAPC2MAPC to load the KMZ and save out sqlite DB --> Positioned correctly, but image quality suffers (appears as if the image was shrunk 50%, then blown back up 200% again, getting a blurry/pixelated look to it)

3. Used a trial version of OziExplorer to calibrate the map, then used the script elsewhere on this forum to convert ozi map to .tar format...the quality comes in perfectly in Locus, but the map is not rotated (north is not up on my map), and when I scroll on the screen in Locus, the map moves very funny.

Do you know any good method of creating maps from paper maps into locus?
Basically trying to make maps from paper maps & calibration data...don't want to have to pay $100+ for something like OziExplorer to do it. OruxMapDesktop can do it, but then I don't know how to convert oruxmaps to locus. Looking for a free or cheap (like $20 or less) way of doing it. So I was asking if Minjin ever found a good way, since he talked about OruxMapDesktop.

EDIT: It looks like MAPC2MAPC can also calibrate maps, not just convert, I will investigate more, but that might do the trick. Fairly cheap too.
Implemented / Offline maps from KMZ files
July 20, 2011, 21:15:11
It would be nice if you could load image overlays embedded in KMZ files as offline maps. Various programs can export these (including google earth), and it might be a way for people to easily create custom offline maps (from trail maps etc)
Quote from: "Minjin"Hi,

Is there a way that Locus use maps made with that converter tool ?
There is so many software to make offline maps: TTQV, Fugawi, Pathaway, Oziexplorer. I mean making offline maps with paper maps scanned, cd-rom maps, etc. Not created maps from internet like MOBAC.

With Oruxmap there is a desktop tool to make maps with coordinates. I tested it with
1. printet in PDF from website
2. exported in .jpg with "PDF-exchang viewer"
3. getting px coordinate on jpg with "photofiltre" and coordinates on map
4. use OruxMapDesktop to make the map for Oruxmap
Works well! I can make a tuto if needed but miss the tool to make the map for locus.

Would be nice to find a way to make it.

Someone can make a tool to use images and calibration files to make locus maps ?

I can make maps from TTQV to make tests. (.jpg and .cal).

Locus map is so great but I think "creating maps" is missing !!!

Did you ever find a way to do this? I want to do it too! Thanks

Is there a way to create a custom map for use in Locus, from an image of a map downloaded off a website? For example trail maps from park websites like ... 0w_32c.gif

I found I could do it with Orux Maps, there's a tool "OruxMapsDesktop" that lets you import an image, specify lat/long coordinates and match them up to x/y pixel coordinates, and then it outputs a sqlite DB for use with OruxMaps. I would like either:
A) A tool that does the same thing for Locus, or
B) Be able to load Orux SQLite maps into Locus somehow (either natively, or via a tool that converts them to Locus format)

It's handy to be able to look at a GPS and see your location on the official park map which has all the trails marked...other sources such as OSM or MyTopo often don't have all the trails marked.