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Today I would like to talk about the topic of navigation announcements.

Basically I am of the opinion that even in the setting with the fewest announcements I get too many useless announcements. Very often the route only makes a slight bend and I get the message that I should turn right or left, although I can only follow the route without turning off. These announcements are completely useless in my eyes, especially since they are actually made permanently. I have attached a screenshot (Picture ...127, I was not really out of GPS point center, only a bit because I screenshotted while cycling).
Then again I come to forks in the road, for which no hints are given to me (Picture ...221).
This confuses me very much and I often curse the navigation with Locus Map.

Do you see a chance to improve this? Other apps are much more quiet and precise. But I do not want to use them.

As an alternative to the announcements I would also like to have the possibility to just give out a short beep that tells me that I have to look at the smartphone. Similar to what bicycle computers do.

I would be happy if this part could be improved in LM.

Best regards, Jan.
Hello, I have to raise this subject again.
When I navigate with LM, my S10e is locked after the screen is turned off (although automatic locking is disabled in general and disabled in my presets) and I can ONLY unlock it with the PIN. Not with Face Unlock and also not with the fingerprint.
Since the screen does not always turn on reliably before a turn, I have to stop before it every time or enter the PIN while driving.
This gets on my nerves so much that I use other apps for navigation, which I don't really like, since I'm tracking with LM anyway.

In another thread I've already been told that this is a Samsung specific problem. This is not so. My wife has the same problem on her P30 lite new edition. And other navigation tips (Komoot, also stay on during navigation and the phone can be unlocked with Face Unlock or fingerprint after turning off the screen.

So the problem must be with LM. And I know that I am not the only one with this problem.

Please try to solve it.

Thanks a lot already.
Since Android 9 I have some Problems on my Samsung S8:

  • Start tracking with the homescreen widget works only one time. Then I need a reboot to get it working again.
  • Export to Strava is logged out and I can't login. I get the message "No app available". The same when tapping the support-Button in LM

It would be great to get this working again. Or is there a workaround?
Troubles & Questions / Duplicate a preset
February 14, 2019, 11:04:09
Hi, there's no way to duplicate a preset within LM. So I duplicated the preset file in files/locus/data/presets and renamed the copy.

Now I have 2 presets with the same name in LM. When I rename one of the presets, both of them will be renamed with the same name.

Is there a workaround to duplicate a preset?

I connected my Wahoo Speed and Cadence sensors within seconds and all works fine. But when I close Locus Maps and start it again, I first need to open the ANT+ manager to connect the sensors. Is there a way to automatically connect them when LM starts?

I'd like to start "Live Location" in Whatsapp or Telegram to a specific contact automatically when I start tracking - ideally only when tracking with a specific tracking profile.

Does anyone know a trigger for tracking with Locus in Automate or Tasker? Or does anyone have a ready to go receipt for this workflow?

Before you ask: I don't want to pay for a live tracking service, which is the reason why I don't want to use Locus Live Tracking (furthermore it didn't work in my test cases).

wenn ich ich (mit dem Fahrrad) Tracks aufzeichne, bekomme ich immer nicht korrekte Höhenmeter-Daten. Ich muss immer erst im Track die "Höhenangabe einfügen", danach sind die Daten korrekt (ich habe die korrekten Daten für meine tägliche Strecke).

Leider sehe ich bei den Einstellungen für die Höhendaten noch nicht so ganz klar. Kann mir jemand einen Tipp geben, wie ich diese zusätzliche Korrektur vermeiden kann?

Vielen Dank schon mal fürs Lesen!

ich habe mich so weit durch die Funktionen gekämpft, dass ich einen privaten Raum erstellt bekommen habe. Den Link dahin habe ich meiner Frau aufs Handy geschickt und dort den Raum eingerichtet. Wenn ich jetzt auf eine Tour starte, startet auch automatisch das Buddy Tracking. Jetzt bin ich davon ausgegangen, dass meine Frau die von mir festgelegte Nachricht bekommt und meine Position in dem Raum zu sehen bekommt. Jedoch bleibt das aus.

Hat jemand noch Tipps für mich, was ich anders machen kann?

Oder habe ich das Prinzip nicht verstanden?

Danke schonmal fürs Lesen!
Hallo, ich habe eine Navigationsroute erstellt und diese wird mir jetzt permanent in der Kartenansicht dargestellt. Wie kann ich diese Ansicht wieder löschen? Ich bekomme sie nicht weg.

Vielen Dank schon mal fürs Lesen.