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iOS version / Locus on iPhone
November 23, 2022, 14:46:34
I used Locus for years and loved it. I even had a gold membership. I have to move to iPhone now. Locus was the only reason to stay with Android for a long time but compatibility with my MacBook and work forces me to say goodbye. I really hope to see Locus on my iPhone again.
Troubles & Questions / Emulator for Locus on a Mac?
October 20, 2021, 11:34:40
I am looking for an emulator for Locus on a Mac? Which one is easy to use?

I want to merge some tracks together and calibrate maps. It would be easier on a bigger screen.
Has someone experience which is the watch with the most accurate GPS position and brightest screen?
Hi, Is there a theme for watersport like Kajaking or sailing?
I should show all sea sign's like tons, buoy and highlight sand bars.
How can I create my own theme?
Is there any Theme which shows all possible details in the map? I would like to see the map as it is shown on the OSM website.
My Dashboard mostly don't start. If it starts after a restart from Locus it takes 15 seconds before I see it but mostly I have to turn it off and on again before I can see it on the map.
I still miss automatic track-recording very much. Please add a setting that the last recorded track will automatically start and carry on the recording as soon as I push the track recording button.
Is there another way to see the compass screen than to use the right panel?
Can I also see the moon position?
Wie kann ich GPS und GLONASS Satelliten auf der Satelliten Anzeige unterscheiden?
Does Locus Vector map Canada contains the state Nunavut?
How often will the Locus store vector maps be updated?

What is the difference between Locus store vector map Asia and Asia (English)?

When I have downloaded one map from the store can I update the map for free or do I have to pay when I download the same map but a newer version?
I wish to have permanent display on when a charger is plugged to the phone and timer off when no external power source is connected to the phone.
How can I set up Locus to English even when Android is set up to German?
Wishlist / Auto track recording
June 21, 2013, 19:43:57
I wish I would have auto track recording. As on a Garmin device I would like that Locus starts automatically to record a track as soon as I start the Locus APP.
I would also like to have a rec button on the upper info bar when it is set to track recording.
Where can I download the best Topo map from the USA and Canada? Are there also Vector Maps?
What is the difference between Vector maps and Normal maps? What is better? I would pay for maps with better zoom functionality.