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iOS version / Re: Locus on iPhone
November 24, 2022, 05:57:02
Very happy to hear that! I would like to be Betatester if possible.
iOS version / Locus on iPhone
November 23, 2022, 14:46:34
I used Locus for years and loved it. I even had a gold membership. I have to move to iPhone now. Locus was the only reason to stay with Android for a long time but compatibility with my MacBook and work forces me to say goodbye. I really hope to see Locus on my iPhone again.
Troubles & Questions / Emulator for Locus on a Mac?
October 20, 2021, 11:34:40
I am looking for an emulator for Locus on a Mac? Which one is easy to use?

I want to merge some tracks together and calibrate maps. It would be easier on a bigger screen.
Has someone experience which is the watch with the most accurate GPS position and brightest screen?
Hi, Is there a theme for watersport like Kajaking or sailing?
I should show all sea sign's like tons, buoy and highlight sand bars.
Themes - Vector maps / Re: [Themes] V-Scale
April 21, 2014, 09:11:51
Oh yes, OruxMaps can even read the new Garmin map format! Really a pity that Locus can't get the new library.
Themes - Vector maps / Re: [Themes] V-Scale
April 20, 2014, 20:29:55
Sorry I don't understand. Do I build a theme with TYPViewer or can I change the properties of the IMG file?
Themes - Vector maps / Re: [Themes] V-Scale
April 19, 2014, 17:38:37
No I don't know the difference between Garmin and Vector maps  :(

Is there a "Mapsforge" theme without altitude values? Or how can I adjust Mapsforge themes?
Not everyone can be a Locus or map professional, sorry.

And yes "jusc" I was already looking for a map from Nunavut and thats the problem, there is no one from OpenAndroMaps! The only one I could find is the one from Garmin V2 but Garmin V4 is not working anymore with IMG maps so Locus can't read them. The Ibycus map is quite bad on Ellesmere Island.
Luckily I could encourage a Canadian OSM mapper to make a map from Ellesmere Island right now  :)
Themes - Vector maps / Re: [Themes] V-Scale
April 18, 2014, 17:51:04
In the V-Scale_Hike 2014 folder is just the V-Scale_Hike 2014.xml. There is a separate V-Scale_Hike folder with the  V-Scale_Hike.xml file. I deleted this one but still I see the altitude values.

The altitude values are visible from Zoom 15-22

Here is the map I am using:
Themes - Vector maps / Re: [Themes] V-Scale
April 16, 2014, 16:58:45
I tried to remove

<pathText k="ele" font-style="bold" font-size="10" fill="#7C583A" stroke="#ffffff" stroke-width="2.5" />


<rule e="way" k="contour_ext"

to not see anymore the altitude values from contour-lines but I still see them.

What do I do wrong? 
How can you leave Locus with one click? I am always asked to double click.
How do you close Locus? With double click on return? If you do so, the dashboard don't disappear?
I just discovered that I loose my dashboard every time I close Locus. This wasn't like this before. When I click return to close Locus, first I close my Dashboard and then I still have to click two times to close Locus. It should be possible to close Locus without closing the Dashboard.
I don't want to active my Dashboard every time I open Locus.
Where can I download 2.18.0?
What is the last Locus version which work with all IMG files? I need my Canada topo maps for one trip.