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For small devices (like a Garmin Fenix in my case), the turn promts are often cut off because the text (= title of the turn notification waypoint) is just too long. Is it possible to customize these inserted texts to make them shortet? I thought there might be some text file that contains these predefined texts that i can maybe customize...
I am on the latest version of locus map pro 3.
I recently got s Garmin Fenix 6X and wanted to use Locus map to plan routes for it.
It is almost working well so far.
I want my courses to have waypoints. I add these waypoints to my existing routes by adding them to the 'waypoints' tab after opening the track details.
After sending the route to my Fenix (via the locus Garmin addon), only 3 of my 5 waypoints are there.
I then exported the route from Locus in FIT Format and opened it in a fit file viewer. Also there, only 3 waypoints are there. I don't see any difference between the waypoints that are kept and the ones that are lost. I even used the Garmin symbols. I attached a screenshot on how my waypoints look on Locus. Only the first 3 are exported to the fit file