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Hi Jan :). Another year later I dare to ask again if there are some news on the Garmin add-on and Garmin integration in Locus (e.g. add support for the Garmin Connect course point Icons).
@Jan: It is now one year since I asked about better support for the Garmin Connect Icons in Locus, therefore I dare to ask another time today if there is any update on this  :) . It would be a really nice enhancement. Currently my workaround is to open the course from Locus in IQmapReceiver and adjust the icons there. It works okay, but would be nice to not going this extra detour.  :D

Also another question that I wanted to ask for a long time but always forgot so far: when I send a route from Locus to my Fenix 6x, the watch always prompts me if I would like to open the locus watch app to import the route. I can select "open once" or "always", but also if I select "always", in asks me every time again. Is there a a way to make it open the locus CIQ app automatically without prompt?
I tried to create a custom de.tts file, as described here:
But no success. It seems to not use the tts files at all. Also when I change the tts settings to another language, the (written) navigation promts are still in german.
This should work:
- install the gexporter app on your phone and gimporter widget on your Edge.
- export course from Locus in gpx or fit format. Tick 'Share after Export'.
- on the share Dialog, select the gexporter app.
- open the gimporter widget on the edge and import the course.

Alternatively, you can import the exported course into Garmin connect and send it to the Edge from there.
For small devices (like a Garmin Fenix in my case), the turn promts are often cut off because the text (= title of the turn notification waypoint) is just too long. Is it possible to customize these inserted texts to make them shortet? I thought there might be some text file that contains these predefined texts that i can maybe customize...
That's great to hear. Looking forward to this!
Hi Jan. It would be great if Locus would support the course point icons from Garmin Connect. Currently it only supports the old waypoint icons (from Basecamp?). These do not work as course point icons, at least not on Fenix watches. It would be awesome if we could select the course point icons in Locus and and see them then also on the watch when we export the course. The fenix expects the correct course point ID in the fit file, then it will display the icon. The course point icons could be a separate category under the Garmin icons
Locus Map for Garmin / Re: Locus Map for Garmin
March 01, 2022, 12:31:12
For me, connection problems were always fixed by disabling and reanabling Bluetooth on the phone. You can also check the FAQ here:
Locus Map for Garmin / Re: Locus Map for Garmin
February 22, 2022, 10:54:23
Thanks Jan. I can work around it via the gimporter widget. In case there are plans to further enhance the Garmin App, it would be great if you could add a widget version that we can use during an activity  :).
Locus Map for Garmin / Re: Locus Map for Garmin
February 21, 2022, 17:55:30
Today I tried for the first time to send a course while my Fenix 6X is in an activity. It was not working. Locus did not come up on the watch. Is that a known issue? And is there a workaround?
Thanks, i got it working now.
Thanks, you are completely correct! Zooming in very closely revealed that the waypoints are actually slightly off track. Is there a way how to snap them to the track in Locus?
I am on the latest version of locus map pro 3.
I recently got s Garmin Fenix 6X and wanted to use Locus map to plan routes for it.
It is almost working well so far.
I want my courses to have waypoints. I add these waypoints to my existing routes by adding them to the 'waypoints' tab after opening the track details.
After sending the route to my Fenix (via the locus Garmin addon), only 3 of my 5 waypoints are there.
I then exported the route from Locus in FIT Format and opened it in a fit file viewer. Also there, only 3 waypoints are there. I don't see any difference between the waypoints that are kept and the ones that are lost. I even used the Garmin symbols. I attached a screenshot on how my waypoints look on Locus. Only the first 3 are exported to the fit file
Locus Map for Garmin / Re: Locus Map for Garmin
January 17, 2022, 18:22:02
Locus Map for Garmin / Re: Locus Map for Garmin
December 23, 2021, 08:04:42
Okay, it was my fault. Somehow i expected that locus always automatically genarate navigation hints. But i needed to turn them on manually on the route planner.
So all the time i tried to send a route that did not have navigation hints included  ;D