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Quote from: menion on April 04, 2015, 01:54:19Locus already follow this rule as one of options.
Thanks. I was surprised by amount of complains (not about Locus), while there exist a solution for SD problem.
As I understand, each program on KitKat gets own directory on SD, where it can freely write its data. Quote from : "For example, the app with package name can now freely access Android/data/ on external storage devices with no permissions."

Is it false statement or there are other factors, that forbid Locus to follow this rule?
Site for downloading SRTM v3 is here:

Direct links to SRTM1 look like this:

And to SRTM3:

FYI server shows following warning at directory listing:

                         U.S. GOVERNMENT COMPUTER

This US Government computer is for authorized users only.  By accessing this
system you are consenting to complete monitoring with no expectation of privacy.
Unauthorized access or use may subject you to disciplinary action and criminal
I have cleaned a bit my scripts, that I use for adding marked trails to OSM data and published them on my site,
see file trails-for-locus.7z:

I hope someone could find them useful.
New version of my map:

I have changed "instance" tags, now trails are grouped in 4 categories, for each category there is a "instance" tags. New tags are following:
"instance:cycle" for bicycle and mtb trails,
"instance:hiking" for hiking, foot, walking and nordic_walking trails,
"instance:winter" for ski, piste and sled trails,
"instance:other" for other trails like horse trails.

Values for "instance" keys remain the same - "2" to "9" and "x".
Quote from: Wojtas82 on October 27, 2014, 13:06:11@ Popej, maybe the solution is to put bike routes in one bag like this "instance:bicycle"?
No problem. Just test a bit current version and then precise your requirements, I'll adopt ;)
Quote from: Wojtas82 on October 27, 2014, 09:07:04
@ Popej, I made some test and here's a problem I'm experiencing. Bike routes should be on "one side" not dependend on road direction but here's a result :
Nobody's perfect ;)
I don't make a full analysis of relation, I assume that relation is created correctly as an ordered list of ways. I follow this order and swap direction of ways as necessary. In your example relation has its ways out of order, which breaks analysis.

Quote from: Wojtas82 on October 27, 2014, 09:07:04I also hoped we could have bicycle routes at only one side (on the right side of direction) and hiking/foot routes on the left side. Now they appear randomly on right or left.
This requirement is in conflict with continuous lines. You can't have both at once.
I have updated my map of Poland:

Map include some new tags, as requested by Wojtas82.

Marked tralis are drawn without swapping direction on successive ways.

For bicycle routes with icn/ncn/rcn/icn network I have added new tags: "instance:icn", "instance:ncn", "instance:rcn", "instance:lcn". These tags indicate second and next trail drawn on a way. Values for tags can be: [2..9,x], where "x" means 10-th and next instances. These tags can be used to change graphics or text position for multiple trails.
17 bicycle trails on a single way:
How do you draw it on a map? ;)
How difficult? Like one evening and a little more? ;)
Problem is that I have some other task to complete and some books to read.
The solution would be to process trails, merge parts and swap direction for some parts. A bit complicated with tools I'm using for Locus but not impossible. But does "dy" option work for current Locus version?
I have tunned my maps to standard Locus theme. I don't provide "osmc:symbol" but I split its value to 3 tags: osmc_color, osmc_foreground and osmc_background.

I could preserve entire osmc:symbol too, but it could be too complicated to analyze in theme. Or I could add more tags, like osmc_foreground2, osmc_text, osmc_textcolor.

What tags do you expect?
If I add some tags for second and next routes, then you cold define different for them, for example put an offset to trail name/ref.

Your theme won't work, value "osmc_color" (or "network" in my example), can't have 2 values at once. Sorry for misleading you.

Quote from: Wojtas82 on October 14, 2014, 09:43:49
<rule e="way" k="network" v="iwn AND nwn">
2 conditions should form AND:
<rule e="way" k="network" v="iwn">
   <rule e="way" k="network" v="nwn">

But you won't find that kind of routes on my maps.

I have 2 ideas about multiple routes on one way:
- add some artificial tag, like "instance=2" or "instance:lcn=2" on second route,
- draw second route in opposite direction,

I'd rather prefer first idea, this won't change anything in OSM data.