An update of Android crashed my Locus installation again

Started by Bluealek, February 03, 2022, 21:26:39

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Today the tablet (Samsung A7) prompted me to install the latest update of Android, and I reluctantly accepted, praying that it doesn't cause havoc with my Locus Map installation again. When this previous new variant of Android 11 was launched, I already had a big move of the maps to the private folder on the SD card, and managed to configure everything to work (although Locus Map had a significant pause every time before it showed the checkmarks screen in the process of initiation). And now, the first time I started it after installing this latest version of Android, it simply doesn't start  :( Has the long pause with a black screen after the "Loading" screen again, but never reaches the checkmarks phase, and just for a brief fraction of a second shows the main app screen (but without the map visible behind), before it exits to desktop. And however many times I try to start it, it's the same over and over again! So great, the "newest" version of Android obviously somehow crashed my Locus Map installation  >:(

Do you have a better suggestion than backing up all the map folders (it will take a while), then uninstalling the app, and reinstalling it again? When I think about the time I'll need to set up everything again, I really feel very, very much pissed off. And I wonder - is this going to happen whenever Google decides to "improve" something in Android? How come other apps don't have the same problem???


Your mentioning 4.6.0 hints you are using LM4 already (subscription) - is that correct?

And can you check which version this update really installed?

In any case, the initial 4.6 message by Menion contains a link to the Google Drive with all versions (4.6, plus earlier ones).

I have 4.5 running on my Tab S6 light (weaker than yours) and the latest 4.x beta on my S10. Never had such problems with those (in Nov I fought troubles like yours, but not since the official 4.5 from Dec. 23rd).

PS: 4.5+ has the All Files Access privilege, which gives you freedom again to put your files in decent places other than private folders.