Locus Api - getTargetAzim

Started by zigzag, March 27, 2017, 21:26:11

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I'm not sure, how it works.
I use the getTargetAzim() function in the AddonPebble app to show an arrow the direction on the Pebble watch.

When I try it I realized:

- Guide on: direction to the destination point,

- Navigate to: direction to the action point,

- Guidance (guidance along the track): direction to the next track point.

Is it true?



Hello zigzag,
this is quite good question. I think that in these values is quite big mess!

So wait please to next Locus Map version. Distance and azim in navigation/guidance mode should be logically values to next active target. So in case of navigation, it should be current waypoint with navigation order, in case of guidance without waypoints, it should be point where guidance arrow/line point.

Will be improved in next version of Locus Map. Maybe it still won't be perfect. Feel free to give me more info in such case, thanks.
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