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Started by fzk, December 17, 2015, 19:54:44

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Quote from: menion on December 20, 2015, 21:34:39

EDIT: btw, Google Translator translated me a few times, that you all currently miss most "Multi-language feature" right? I'm sure, this is something I may improve ...

Hi Menion,

It would be great if you could implement the multilingal Feature for  the maps.
However: IMO It would'nt change the situaltion for map providers that much.

A lot of APPs still use Mapsforge Mapformat 3 and will do so in future.
Thats the reason Tobias and I still provide generic Themes
Map Providers will face the need of providing different Map formats in future.
This was clear for everyone since a year or so when rapid development of Mapsforge started over.

My decission is to stay with old format as long as its possible for a simple reason:
Providing various formats will confuse users to an extend that will lead to the death of free Mapsforge Maps.
Providing only new Map format would lead to same result cause users are downloading the maps and find that in 50% of the Apps these are not working.
Thats a strict nogo.

Only a minority of the average user has time enought to go into the details of Mapsforge -they want to spend their time outdoors.

So my conclusion: Better fewer features, gentle evolution than fast feature adding no one can handle ending in bad reputation for the whole Mapsfore project.

Best regards/ Grüsse


@ Michael, Christian
Der Themeneröffner hat hier im deutschen Forumbereich gepostet.
Es kann davon ausgegangen werden, daß er dies mit Absicht gemacht hat.
Ich werde die rein englischen Texte in den nächsten Stunden löschen/verschieben.

Besser wäre es jedoch, wenn Ihr bitte zumindest einfach eine deutsche Übersetzung hinzupacken würdet.
Danke für Euer Verständnis.


I have started this thread in the german section of the forum because the german-speaking user are building the majority of the Freizeitkarte users. The main intention was to get some community feedback for questions like:

- How important is it to have a variety of maps and themes?
- What has to be done to achieve or to ensure this?
- What do we expect from Locus in the near future?
- And what is the community willing to do for it?

We have heard a lot of feedback so far but it doesn't make sense to conduct a discussion only for it's self purpose. More important: the discussion must lead to something. So I recommend to finish this thread and to start a new one in the development section. A good title could be "Locus 2016 - community feature requests". Who has to participate in the discussion? IMHO these are the map builders, theme designers, locus power users (e.g. locus moderators) and the whole Locus development team. We should work out there, what the community expects from Locus in the near future, what possible is, and how and when it could be achieved.

Cheers Klaus


Quote from: fzk on December 21, 2015, 08:47:20
So I recommend to finish this thread and to start a new one in the development section.
Gute Idee...

Weiter geht's hier im englischen Bereich: