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Started by Menion, November 09, 2014, 23:45:28

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I would like to add an idea (already posted this on the help desk:

Shortcuts are an often overlooked feature of Android - but sooo versatile and useful. With all these wishes for customization, I think they point a way out of the complexity. I'd propose that the widget stays more or less like it is now, with the main functions and information - and other stuff that is useful to have accessible on the homescreen could be provided as shortcuts.

For example (as I wrote in the Help Desk), I would really like to be able to set quick waypoints from the homescreen. If that would be available by shortcut, I could decide myself, which types of quick points I need regularly and put them on the homescreen, probably beside the widget. Using some advanced starter widget like Elixir Widgets, I could make my own "favorite Locus functions" widget without having to rely on menion to provide the widget I'm dreaming of - he just has to make the internal intents available as shortcuts.
That's the beauty of Android: No need to invent the wheel (customizable widget) again, just provide your own functions and the user can use a widget app of his/her choice to put it together the way he/she likes  :)

What do you guys think?


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If you want to make it more difficult you can introduce democratic tools like polls ;)

More difficult for who? Definitely not for me ...
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