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Started by UKlocusfan, November 05, 2012, 15:45:04

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I wanted something a bit larger and easier to see whilst I am out walking and so have made an icon to be placed in the cursors directory of Locus.

The icon replaces the default view icon and is alot larger and very high in colour making it much easier to see under bright sunlight.

I also thought it would be a good idea to put a graphic of an 'eye' on the icon but did this only as a bit of fun but was quite happy with how it looked and so decided to leave it.

For anyone wishing to make these icons please refer to:

Note that if you want to use my icon with a set of others your have downloaded you will need to unzip both sets and then rezip into one singular zip file before placing it within Locus.



thx for your idea
I will add this to the red theme - little bit smoother and without the eye  ;)

addded a srceenshot in your post
- hope its ok


I have now re-done my 'field of view' icon as although I like the eye - its does look a bit out of place on gyntas screenshot.

I have incorporated the view icon into gyntas wonderful red icons pack (I hope this is ok gynta(?))

The pack uploaded into this post is designed to run on none HD screens.  For example a Wildfire S which has a 320 x 480 pixels, 3.2 inches display.

The sizes of the icons are purposely various and are made so for ease of walking navigation and POI walking guidance.

The sizes are as follows:

Have all been left as gytas 72x72 for ease of viewing on a small screen out in the field.  The Move arrow has been recoloured slightly for more red.

Has been downsized to 48x48 and now has large N,S,E,W labels with a 50% transparency for the outer diamond in order to make the labels more readable.

is a large 256x256 icon and will appear large on a small screen.  I have made it this way so that I can very easily see my direction towards a POI when I am walking out in the field on a bright and/or sunny day without having to have the screen brightness on full.

I cannot take screenshots on my phone and hope this pack is of use to someone with a smaller screen device.
All kudos to gynta for the original 5 icons in his pack.

Please see post number 1 on this thread for links.