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Started by gynta, July 31, 2012, 00:32:43

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Quote from: joelocI updated my monstercursors a little. The "stopped" cursors are 80% opaque now to allow a little "see-through" when working with the map. The moving-cursor is 100% for maximum visibility. The north arrow works too now, although Locus apparently has a size problem there. Menion, can you tell me the size restrictions for the north arrow? Or lift them? Anyway, just did a little test bike ride in bright sunshine and boy does it make a difference. Cant imagine how I ever lived with the invisible default cursor :). The cursors will probably be too large on anything but a Galaxy Note. I am not planning to go into the hdpi/mdpi/xhdpi mess and provide differently scaled versions since I believe this to be inherently wrong. Map cursors have nothing to do with the general UI and it doesnt make sense to autoscale them in the same way as fonts or toolbars. You're welcome to change colors/sizes/etc yourself though, the .psd for Photoshop is included in the archive.


HUGE - but really visible :D
Works for me very well with two little changes: