[MAPS] - Vector maps (with terrain contour lines)

Started by jurajs, April 22, 2012, 16:04:18

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you can define the contourline steps in phyghtmap easily... and for amount the meters you want to.
but ! you have to have in mind also that source elevation data is not continuos, therefore it does not make any sense to use lower values than 10 meters. I personally use 20 meter steps for contour lines for 2 reasons. 1) 20 or 25 steps are mostly used out there and its still detailed enough 2) to avoid enormous data generated by pyghtmap for contourlines in the map itself  (comparing to 10m step)


Quote from: "jurajs"you can define the contourline steps in phyghtmap easily... and for amount the meters you want to.
but ! you have to have in mind also that source elevation data is not continuos, therefore it does not make any sense to use lower values than 10 meters. I personally use 20 meter steps for contour lines for 2 reasons. 1) 20 or 25 steps are mostly used out there and its still detailed enough 2) to avoid enormous data generated by pyghtmap for contourlines in the map itself  (comparing to 10m step)
I've never managed to make the maps myself, I've tried several times.  :/


ask then !... describe your attempts and failures ;-)


Quote from: "jurajs"btw: i assume that the problem with rendering of water/sea areas is not solved yet by mapsforge directly... right ?


QuoteI read the workaroud thread on mapsforge forum.... but my brain lacks mental capacity to implement the changes at this moment ;-)

 :D  :D
Well, its hard to believe that this is the reason...

Seriously, its a complex task and it adds tonns of data-overhead - you wont be able to keep the coverage for those big maps
you provide for the community.
I had to plitt some maps like norway, otherwise the overhead (these are all polygons) results in silly rendertimes and
sometimes crashes the phone.

You will have to implement scripting that only keeps land/sea-data for regions where it is really needed.
However for maps like spain you have to render the whole land...
Best regards/ Grüsse


aaaa Christian ... help me out please....

was there any notable change in new osmosis 0.41 ? I am having trouble making maps with map-writer plugin with this new version. My configuration is the same as was for 0.40. I am confused and frustrated again :-(((
btw: old version is still working fine..

here is the full output:
sep 09, 2012 11:24:29 AM org.openstreetmap.osmosis.core.Osmosis run
INFO: Osmosis Version 0.41
sep 09, 2012 11:24:30 AM org.openstreetmap.osmosis.core.Osmosis run
INFO: Preparing pipeline.
sep 09, 2012 11:24:31 AM org.mapsforge.map.writer.osmosis.MapFileWriterTask <init>
INFO: mapfile-writer version: mapsforge-map-writer-0.3.0
sep 09, 2012 11:24:31 AM org.mapsforge.map.writer.osmosis.MapFileWriterTask <init>
INFO: mapfile format specification version: 3
sep 09, 2012 11:24:31 AM org.openstreetmap.osmosis.core.Osmosis run
INFO: Launching pipeline execution.
sep 09, 2012 11:24:31 AM org.openstreetmap.osmosis.core.Osmosis run
INFO: Pipeline executing, waiting for completion.
sep 09, 2012 11:24:31 AM org.openstreetmap.osmosis.core.pipeline.common.ActiveTaskManager waitForCompletion
SEVERE: Thread for task 1-rx failed
java.lang.AbstractMethodError: org.mapsforge.map.writer.osmosis.MapFileWriterTask.initialize(Ljava/util/Map;)V
        at org.openstreetmap.osmosis.xml.v0_6.XmlReader.run(XmlReader.java:95)
        at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)

sep 09, 2012 11:24:31 AM org.openstreetmap.osmosis.core.Osmosis mainSEVERE: Execution aborted.
org.openstreetmap.osmosis.core.OsmosisRuntimeException: One or more tasks failed.
        at org.openstreetmap.osmosis.core.pipeline.common.Pipeline.waitForCompletion(Pipeline.java:146)
        at org.openstreetmap.osmosis.core.Osmosis.run(Osmosis.java:92)
        at org.openstreetmap.osmosis.core.Osmosis.main(Osmosis.java:37)
        at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)
        at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(Unknown Source)
        at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(Unknown Source)
        at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Unknown Source)
        at org.codehaus.plexus.classworlds.launcher.Launcher.launchStandard(Launcher.java:329)
        at org.codehaus.plexus.classworlds.launcher.Launcher.launch(Launcher.java:239)
        at org.codehaus.plexus.classworlds.launcher.Launcher.mainWithExitCode(Launcher.java:409)
        at org.codehaus.plexus.classworlds.launcher.Launcher.main(Launcher.java:352)
        at org.codehaus.classworlds.Launcher.main(Launcher.java:47)


Quote from: "Khaytsus"Thank you for including US regions, but I have a question.  I see a terrain contour line or two..  Maybe every 100 meters?


Please could you provide a osm-permalink for the region in question so that I can check it?

The interval of the contourlines is 20m.
However, the base dataset is from Nasa and is unfortunately unreliable.
This is the reason why there was no update of the USA-Maps since first upload.

The whole USA-Maps will be completely rerendered once Jonathan de Ferranti will have finished
the rework of the elevation data on his website http://www.viewfinderpanoramas.org.
I'm looking forward to create a mapset for alaska too.
Best regards/ Grüsse


Quote from: "jurajs"aaaa Christian ... help me out please....

was there any notable change in new osmosis 0.41


Can't see anything enlighting in the error-log, sorry  :oops:

I'm still on osmosis 0.40.1 and Mapsforge-map-writer-0.3.0 official release.
Anyway, thanks for reporting this issue!
Best regards/ Grüsse


thanks for checking....
well i'm going back to 0.40.1


Some links for download of maps are missing on the first page. Can you fix it please?


hey.... you are so faaast reacting. it was missing there for just a flash of a second... right ?
....actually I am going to fix that right now ;) sorry tomas ;-)

but at least you will get the latest maps now.... :-)

@tomas: all links should be valid now.

-almost all maps are freshly created.
-new map is added (GRE+ALB+CYP).
-map of France was not updated because i wasnt albe to figure it out at this moment.







Yep, with long awaited

.... skip-zero Option
.... hgt-directory Option
and some Bugfixes
seems a bit faster too processing border cuts
works with WinXP32/Python27

IMO it's highly recommended to switch to new Version
Best regards/ Grüsse


Can anyone shed some light on what is happening here. The maps create fine, but have missing parts. First image has missing centre of map, zoom 1-7, whole map appears at zoom 8, but with squares of polygon data missing.

This happens with the old hgt data put through srtmfill, then deleted my hgt directory and downloaded the new corrected height data. still the same. this is my process, running OS X, phyghtmap, osmosis, mapwriter, enthought python all installed and running without errors:

phyghtmap --polygon=british_isles.poly -o terrain --viewfinder-mask=3 --srtm=3 --source=view3,srtm3 -j 16 -s 20 -c 100,20 --start-node-id=2000000000 --start-way-id=1000000000 --write-timestamp --max-nodes-per-tile=0

osmosis --rx british_isles.osm.bz2 --sort --wx map.sorted.osm
osmosis --rx terrain.osm --sort --wx terrain.sorted.osm
osmosis --rx map.sorted.osm --rx terrain.sorted.osm --merge --wx merged.osm
osmosis --rx merged.osm --mw file=british_isles.osm.map bbox=49,-12.58,62.47,3.22 type=hd tag-conf-file=tag-mapping.xml
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<tag-mapping xmlns="http://mapsforge.org/tag-mapping" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance"
xsi:schemaLocation="http://mapsforge.org/tag-mapping ../resources/tag-mapping.xsd" default-zoom-appear="16"

<!-- ************* POIS *************** -->

<osm-tag key="highway" value="bus_stop" zoom-appear="15" />
<osm-tag key="highway" value="mini_roundabout" zoom-appear="17" />
<osm-tag key="highway" value="traffic_signals" zoom-appear="17" />
<osm-tag key="highway" value="turning_circle" zoom-appear="15" />
<osm-tag key="highway" value="tertiary_link" zoom-appear="12" />

<osm-tag key="amenity" value="atm" zoom-appear="17" />
<osm-tag key="amenity" value="bank" zoom-appear="17" />
<osm-tag key="amenity" value="bench" zoom-appear="17" />
<osm-tag key="amenity" value="bicycle_rental" zoom-appear="17" />
<osm-tag key="amenity" value="bus_station" zoom-appear="15" />
<osm-tag key="amenity" value="cafe" zoom-appear="16" />
<osm-tag key="amenity" value="cinema" zoom-appear="17" />
<osm-tag key="amenity" value="drinking_water" zoom-appear="15" />
<osm-tag key="amenity" value="fast_food" zoom-appear="16" />
<osm-tag key="amenity" value="fountain" zoom-appear="17" />
<osm-tag key="amenity" value="fire_station" zoom-appear="17" />
<osm-tag key="amenity" value="fuel" zoom-appear="16" />
<osm-tag key="amenity" value="hospital" zoom-appear="15" />
<osm-tag key="amenity" value="kindergarten" zoom-appear="17" />
<osm-tag key="amenity" value="library" zoom-appear="17" />
<osm-tag key="amenity" value="parking" zoom-appear="16" />
<osm-tag key="amenity" value="pharmacy" zoom-appear="16" />
<osm-tag key="amenity" value="place_of_worship" zoom-appear="15" />
<osm-tag key="amenity" value="police" zoom-appear="16" />
<osm-tag key="amenity" value="post_box" zoom-appear="17" />
<osm-tag key="amenity" value="post_office" zoom-appear="17" />
<osm-tag key="amenity" value="pub" zoom-appear="16" />
<osm-tag key="amenity" value="recycling" zoom-appear="17" />
<osm-tag key="amenity" value="restaurant" zoom-appear="15" />
<osm-tag key="amenity" value="school" zoom-appear="17" />
<osm-tag key="amenity" value="shelter" zoom-appear="16" />
<osm-tag key="amenity" value="telephone" zoom-appear="17" />
<osm-tag key="amenity" value="theatre" zoom-appear="17" />
<osm-tag key="amenity" value="toilets" zoom-appear="17" />
<osm-tag key="amenity" value="university" zoom-appear="17" />

<osm-tag key="emergency" value="phone" zoom-appear="16" />

<osm-tag key="leisure" value="playground" zoom-appear="17" />
<osm-tag key="leisure" value="slipway" zoom-appear="17" />

<osm-tag key="religion" value="christian" renderable="false" />
<osm-tag key="religion" value="jewish" renderable="false" />
<osm-tag key="religion" value="muslim" renderable="false" />

<osm-tag key="shop" value="bakery" zoom-appear="17" />
<osm-tag key="shop" value="hairdresser" zoom-appear="17" />
<osm-tag key="shop" value="organic" zoom-appear="17" />
<osm-tag key="shop" value="supermarket" zoom-appear="15" />

<osm-tag key="railway" value="halt" zoom-appear="15" />
<osm-tag key="railway" value="level_crossing" zoom-appear="16" />
<osm-tag key="railway" value="station" zoom-appear="14" />
<osm-tag key="railway" value="tram_stop" zoom-appear="15" />

<osm-tag key="station" value="light_rail" zoom-appear="15">
<zoom-override key="railway" value="station" />
<osm-tag key="station" value="subway" zoom-appear="15">
<zoom-override key="railway" value="station" />

<osm-tag key="tourism" value="alpine_hut" zoom-appear="14" />
<osm-tag key="tourism" value="attraction" zoom-appear="16" />
<osm-tag key="tourism" value="hostel" zoom-appear="15" />
<osm-tag key="tourism" value="hotel" zoom-appear="15" />
<osm-tag key="tourism" value="information" zoom-appear="15" />
<osm-tag key="tourism" value="museum" zoom-appear="16" />
<osm-tag key="tourism" value="viewpoint" zoom-appear="15" />

<osm-tag key="tourism" value="caravan_site" zoom-appear="14" />
<osm-tag key="tourism" value="camp_site" zoom-appear="14" />

<osm-tag key="historic" value="memorial" zoom-appear="16" />
<osm-tag key="historic" value="monument" zoom-appear="16" />

<!-- PLACES TAGS -->
<osm-tag key="place" value="city" zoom-appear="6" />
<osm-tag key="place" value="country" zoom-appear="3" />
<osm-tag key="place" value="hamlet" zoom-appear="13" />
<osm-tag key="place" value="island" zoom-appear="12" />
<osm-tag key="place" value="suburb" zoom-appear="12" />
<osm-tag key="place" value="town" zoom-appear="9" />
<osm-tag key="place" value="village" zoom-appear="12" />

<osm-tag key="natural" value="cave_entrance" zoom-appear="14" />
<osm-tag key="natural" value="peak" zoom-appear="13" />
<osm-tag key="natural" value="spring" zoom-appear="15" />
<osm-tag key="natural" value="tree" zoom-appear="16" />
<osm-tag key="natural" value="volcano" zoom-appear="12" />

<!-- OTHER POIS -->
<osm-tag key="barrier" value="bollard" zoom-appear="17" />
<osm-tag key="barrier" value="cycle_barrier" zoom-appear="17" />

<osm-tag key="man_made" value="lighthouse" zoom-appear="15" />
<osm-tag key="man_made" value="surveillance" zoom-appear="16" />
<osm-tag key="man_made" value="tower" zoom-appear="16" />
<osm-tag key="man_made" value="windmill" zoom-appear="16" />

<osm-tag key="power" value="generator" zoom-appear="16" />
<osm-tag key="power" value="tower" zoom-appear="16" />

<osm-tag key="aeroway" value="aerodrome" zoom-appear="12" />
<osm-tag key="aeroway" value="airport" zoom-appear="12" />
<osm-tag key="aeroway" value="gate" zoom-appear="17" />
<osm-tag key="aeroway" value="helipad" zoom-appear="17" />

<!-- ************* WAYS *************** -->

<osm-tag key="highway" value="bridleway" zoom-appear="13" />
<osm-tag key="highway" value="bus_guideway" zoom-appear="13" />
<osm-tag key="highway" value="byway" zoom-appear="13" />
<osm-tag key="highway" value="construction" zoom-appear="13" />
<osm-tag key="highway" value="cycleway" zoom-appear="13" />
<osm-tag key="highway" value="footway" zoom-appear="13" />
<osm-tag key="highway" value="living_street" zoom-appear="13" />
<osm-tag key="highway" value="motorway" zoom-appear="6" />
<osm-tag key="highway" value="motorway_link" zoom-appear="6" />
<osm-tag key="highway" value="path" zoom-appear="13" />
<osm-tag key="highway" value="pedestrian" zoom-appear="13" />
<osm-tag key="highway" value="primary" zoom-appear="8" />
<osm-tag key="highway" value="primary_link" zoom-appear="8" />
<osm-tag key="highway" value="raceway" zoom-appear="12" />
<osm-tag key="highway" value="residential" zoom-appear="12" />
<osm-tag key="highway" value="road" zoom-appear="12" />
<osm-tag key="highway" value="secondary" zoom-appear="11" />
<osm-tag key="highway" value="secondary_link" zoom-appear="11" />
<osm-tag key="highway" value="service" zoom-appear="13" />
<osm-tag key="highway" value="services" zoom-appear="13" />
<osm-tag key="highway" value="steps" zoom-appear="15" />
<osm-tag key="highway" value="tertiary" zoom-appear="12" />
<osm-tag key="highway" value="track" zoom-appear="13" />
<osm-tag key="highway" value="trunk" zoom-appear="6" />
<osm-tag key="highway" value="trunk_link" zoom-appear="6" />
<osm-tag key="highway" value="unclassified" zoom-appear="13" />

<osm-tag key="lock" value="yes" zoom-appear="14" />

<osm-tag key="natural" value="beach" zoom-appear="10" />
<osm-tag key="natural" value="coastline" zoom-appear="0" />
<osm-tag key="natural" value="glacier" zoom-appear="8" enabled="false" />
<osm-tag key="natural" value="heath" zoom-appear="10" />
<osm-tag key="natural" value="land" zoom-appear="8" />
<osm-tag key="natural" value="marsh" zoom-appear="12" />
<osm-tag key="natural" value="scrub" zoom-appear="10" />
<osm-tag key="natural" value="water" zoom-appear="8" />
<osm-tag key="natural" value="wetland" zoom-appear="10" />
<osm-tag key="natural" value="wood" zoom-appear="8" />

<osm-tag key="waterway" value="canal" zoom-appear="10" />
<osm-tag key="waterway" value="dam" zoom-appear="10" />
<osm-tag key="waterway" value="drain" zoom-appear="13" />
<osm-tag key="waterway" value="river" zoom-appear="8" />
<osm-tag key="waterway" value="riverbank" zoom-appear="8" />
<osm-tag key="waterway" value="stream" zoom-appear="12" />
<osm-tag key="waterway" value="dock" zoom-appear="8" />

<osm-tag key="landuse" value="allotments" zoom-appear="10" />
<osm-tag key="landuse" value="basin" zoom-appear="12" />
<osm-tag key="landuse" value="brownfield" zoom-appear="10" />
<osm-tag key="landuse" value="cemetery" zoom-appear="10" />
<osm-tag key="landuse" value="commercial" zoom-appear="10" />
<osm-tag key="landuse" value="construction" zoom-appear="12" />
<osm-tag key="landuse" value="farm" zoom-appear="12" />
<osm-tag key="landuse" value="farmland" zoom-appear="12" />
<osm-tag key="landuse" value="forest" zoom-appear="8" />
<osm-tag key="landuse" value="grass" zoom-appear="12" />
<osm-tag key="landuse" value="greenfield" zoom-appear="12" />
<osm-tag key="landuse" value="industrial" zoom-appear="10" />
<osm-tag key="landuse" value="landfill" zoom-appear="12" />
<osm-tag key="landuse" value="meadow" zoom-appear="12" />
<osm-tag key="landuse" value="military" zoom-appear="10" />
<osm-tag key="landuse" value="quarry" zoom-appear="10" />
<osm-tag key="landuse" value="railway" zoom-appear="10" />
<osm-tag key="landuse" value="recreation_ground" zoom-appear="10" />
<osm-tag key="landuse" value="reservoir" zoom-appear="10" />
<osm-tag key="landuse" value="residential" zoom-appear="10" />
<osm-tag key="landuse" value="retail" zoom-appear="10" />
<osm-tag key="landuse" value="village_green" zoom-appear="10" />
<osm-tag key="landuse" value="vineyard" zoom-appear="12" />
<osm-tag key="landuse" value="wood" zoom-appear="8" />

<osm-tag key="leisure" value="common" zoom-appear="12" />
<osm-tag key="leisure" value="dog_park" zoom-appear="12" />
<osm-tag key="leisure" value="garden" zoom-appear="12" />
<osm-tag key="leisure" value="golf_course" zoom-appear="12" />
<osm-tag key="leisure" value="nature_reserve" zoom-appear="12" />
<osm-tag key="leisure" value="park" zoom-appear="10" />
<osm-tag key="leisure" value="pitch" zoom-appear="12" />
<osm-tag key="leisure" value="playground" zoom-appear="12" />
<osm-tag key="leisure" value="sports_centre" zoom-appear="12" />
<osm-tag key="leisure" value="stadium" zoom-appear="10" />
<osm-tag key="leisure" value="track" zoom-appear="12" />
<osm-tag key="leisure" value="water_park" zoom-appear="12" />

<osm-tag key="sport" value="golf" zoom-appear="12" />
<osm-tag key="sport" value="shooting" zoom-appear="12" />
<osm-tag key="sport" value="soccer" zoom-appear="12" />
<osm-tag key="sport" value="swimming" zoom-appear="12" />
<osm-tag key="sport" value="tennis" zoom-appear="12" />

<osm-tag key="amenity" value="college" zoom-appear="13" />
<osm-tag key="amenity" value="embassy" zoom-appear="13" />
<osm-tag key="amenity" value="fountain" zoom-appear="16" />
<osm-tag key="amenity" value="grave_yard" zoom-appear="13" />
<osm-tag key="amenity" value="hospital" zoom-appear="13" />
<osm-tag key="amenity" value="parking" zoom-appear="14" />
<osm-tag key="amenity" value="school" zoom-appear="14" />
<osm-tag key="amenity" value="theatre" zoom-appear="14" />
<osm-tag key="amenity" value="toilets" zoom-appear="17" />
<osm-tag key="amenity" value="university" zoom-appear="13" />

<osm-tag key="tourism" value="attraction" zoom-appear="14" />
<osm-tag key="tourism" value="hostel" zoom-appear="15" />
<osm-tag key="tourism" value="zoo" zoom-appear="12" />

<osm-tag key="route" value="ferry" zoom-appear="12" />
<osm-tag key="railway" value="light_rail" zoom-appear="12" />
<osm-tag key="railway" value="narrow_gauge" zoom-appear="14" />
<osm-tag key="railway" value="platform" zoom-appear="14" />
<osm-tag key="railway" value="rail" zoom-appear="10" />
<osm-tag key="railway" value="station" zoom-appear="14" />
<osm-tag key="railway" value="subway" zoom-appear="15" />
<osm-tag key="railway" value="tram" zoom-appear="15" />

<!-- BUILDINGS -->
<osm-tag key="building" value="apartments" zoom-appear="15" />
<osm-tag key="building" value="embassy" zoom-appear="15" />
<osm-tag key="building" value="government" zoom-appear="13" />
<osm-tag key="building" value="gym" zoom-appear="15" />
<osm-tag key="building" value="hangar" zoom-appear="15" />
<osm-tag key="building" value="hotel" zoom-appear="15" />
<osm-tag key="building" value="library" zoom-appear="15" />
<osm-tag key="building" value="museum" zoom-appear="15" />
<osm-tag key="building" value="office" zoom-appear="15" />
<osm-tag key="building" value="roof" zoom-appear="15" />
<osm-tag key="building" value="ruins" zoom-appear="15" />
<osm-tag key="building" value="service" zoom-appear="15" />
<osm-tag key="building" value="sports" zoom-appear="15" />
<osm-tag key="building" value="train_station" zoom-appear="14" />
<osm-tag key="building" value="university" zoom-appear="13" />
<osm-tag key="building" value="yes" zoom-appear="15" />


<osm-tag key="admin_level" value="1" force-polygon-line="true" zoom-appear="4">
<zoom-override key="boundary" value="administrative" />
<osm-tag key="admin_level" value="2" force-polygon-line="true" zoom-appear="4">
<zoom-override key="boundary" value="administrative" />
<osm-tag key="admin_level" value="3" force-polygon-line="true" zoom-appear="4">
<zoom-override key="boundary" value="administrative" />
<osm-tag key="admin_level" value="4" force-polygon-line="true" zoom-appear="6">
<zoom-override key="boundary" value="administrative" />
<!-- <osm-tag key="admin_level" value="6" force-polygon-line="true" zoom-appear="15" /> <osm-tag key="admin_level" value="8"
force-polygon-line="true" zoom-appear="16" /> <osm-tag key="admin_level" value="9" force-polygon-line="true" zoom-appear="16"
/> <osm-tag key="admin_level" value="10" force-polygon-line="true" zoom-appear="16" /> -->

<osm-tag key="aeroway" value="aerodrome" zoom-appear="13" />
<osm-tag key="aeroway" value="apron" zoom-appear="13" />
<osm-tag key="aeroway" value="helipad" zoom-appear="17" />
<osm-tag key="aeroway" value="runway" zoom-appear="10" />
<osm-tag key="aeroway" value="taxiway" zoom-appear="10" />
<osm-tag key="aeroway" value="terminal" zoom-appear="15" />

<osm-tag key="piste:type" value="downhill" zoom-appear="13" />
<osm-tag key="piste:type" value="nordic" zoom-appear="13" />
<osm-tag key="piste:type" value="sled" zoom-appear="13" />
<osm-tag key="aerialway" value="cable_car" zoom-appear="13" />
<osm-tag key="aerialway" value="chair_lift" zoom-appear="13" />
<osm-tag key="aerialway" value="drag_lift" zoom-appear="13" />
<osm-tag key="aerialway" value="gondola" zoom-appear="13" />
<osm-tag key="aerialway" value="magic_carpet" zoom-appear="13" />
<osm-tag key="aerialway" value="mixed_lift" zoom-appear="13" />
<osm-tag key="aerialway" value="rope_tow" zoom-appear="13" />

<!-- OTHER TAGS -->
<osm-tag key="barrier" value="city_wall" zoom-appear="14" />
<osm-tag key="barrier" value="fence" zoom-appear="14" />
<osm-tag key="barrier" value="retaining_wall" zoom-appear="16" />
<osm-tag key="barrier" value="wall" zoom-appear="16" />

<osm-tag key="boundary" value="administrative" force-polygon-line="true" zoom-appear="0" enabled="false" />
<osm-tag key="boundary" value="national_park" force-polygon-line="true" zoom-appear="12" />
<osm-tag key="boundary" value="protected_landscape_area" force-polygon-line="true" zoom-appear="12" />
<osm-tag key="boundary" value="protected_area" force-polygon-line="true" zoom-appear="12" />

<osm-tag key="historic" value="ruins" zoom-appear="17" />
<osm-tag key="historic" value="castle" zoom-appear="15" />

<osm-tag key="man_made" value="pier" zoom-appear="15" />

<osm-tag key="military" value="airfield" zoom-appear="12" />
<osm-tag key="military" value="barracks" zoom-appear="12" />
<osm-tag key="military" value="naval_base" zoom-appear="12" />

<osm-tag key="place" value="locality" zoom-appear="17" />

<osm-tag key="area" value="yes" zoom-appear="12" />

<!-- NOT TO RENDER -->
<osm-tag key="access" value="destination" renderable="false" />
<osm-tag key="access" value="private" renderable="false" />

<osm-tag key="bridge" value="yes" renderable="false" />

<osm-tag key="oneway" value="yes" equivalent-values="1,true" renderable="false" />
<osm-tag key="oneway" value="-1" renderable="false" />
<osm-tag key="oneway" value="no" equivalent-values="0,false" renderable="false" />

<osm-tag key="piste:difficulty" value="novice" renderable="false" />
<osm-tag key="piste:difficulty" value="easy" renderable="false" />
<osm-tag key="piste:difficulty" value="intermediate" renderable="false" />
<osm-tag key="piste:difficulty" value="advanced" renderable="false" />
<osm-tag key="piste:difficulty" value="expert" renderable="false" />
<osm-tag key="piste:difficulty" value="freeride" renderable="false" />

<osm-tag key="tracktype" value="grade1" renderable="false" />
<osm-tag key="tracktype" value="grade2" renderable="false" />
<osm-tag key="tracktype" value="grade3" renderable="false" />
<osm-tag key="tracktype" value="grade4" renderable="false" />
<osm-tag key="tracktype" value="grade5" renderable="false" />

<osm-tag key="tunnel" value="yes" renderable="false" />
<osm-tag key="tunnel" value="no" renderable="false" />

<osm-tag key="wood" value="coniferous" renderable="false" />
<osm-tag key="wood" value="deciduous" renderable="false" />
<osm-tag key="wood" value="mixed" renderable="false" />

   <!-- Elevation TAGS -->
      <osm-tag key="contour_ext" value="elevation_minor" zoom-appear="12" force-polygon-line="true" />
      <osm-tag key="contour_ext" value="elevation_medium" zoom-appear="10" force-polygon-line="true" />
      <osm-tag key="contour_ext" value="elevation_major" zoom-appear="6" force-polygon-line="true" />
      <osm-tag key="ele" value="100" zoom-appear="13" />
      <osm-tag key="ele" value="200" zoom-appear="13" />
      <osm-tag key="ele" value="300" zoom-appear="13" />
      <osm-tag key="ele" value="400" zoom-appear="13" />
      <osm-tag key="ele" value="500" zoom-appear="13" />
      <osm-tag key="ele" value="600" zoom-appear="13" />
      <osm-tag key="ele" value="700" zoom-appear="13" />
      <osm-tag key="ele" value="800" zoom-appear="13" />
      <osm-tag key="ele" value="900" zoom-appear="13" />
      <osm-tag key="ele" value="1000" zoom-appear="13" />
      <osm-tag key="ele" value="1100" zoom-appear="13" />
      <osm-tag key="ele" value="1200" zoom-appear="13" />
      <osm-tag key="ele" value="1300" zoom-appear="13" />
      <osm-tag key="ele" value="1400" zoom-appear="13" />
      <osm-tag key="ele" value="1500" zoom-appear="13" />
      <osm-tag key="ele" value="1600" zoom-appear="13" />
      <osm-tag key="ele" value="1700" zoom-appear="13" />
      <osm-tag key="ele" value="1800" zoom-appear="13" />
      <osm-tag key="ele" value="1900" zoom-appear="13" />
      <osm-tag key="ele" value="2000" zoom-appear="13" />
      <osm-tag key="ele" value="2100" zoom-appear="13" />
      <osm-tag key="ele" value="2200" zoom-appear="13" />
      <osm-tag key="ele" value="2300" zoom-appear="13" />
      <osm-tag key="ele" value="2400" zoom-appear="13" />
      <osm-tag key="ele" value="2500" zoom-appear="13" />
      <osm-tag key="ele" value="2600" zoom-appear="13" />
      <osm-tag key="ele" value="2700" zoom-appear="13" />
      <osm-tag key="ele" value="2800" zoom-appear="13" />
      <osm-tag key="ele" value="2900" zoom-appear="13" />
      <osm-tag key="ele" value="3000" zoom-appear="13" />
      <osm-tag key="ele" value="3100" zoom-appear="13" />
      <osm-tag key="ele" value="3200" zoom-appear="13" />
      <osm-tag key="ele" value="3300" zoom-appear="13" />
      <osm-tag key="ele" value="3400" zoom-appear="13" />
      <osm-tag key="ele" value="3500" zoom-appear="13" />
      <osm-tag key="ele" value="3600" zoom-appear="13" />
      <osm-tag key="ele" value="3700" zoom-appear="13" />
      <osm-tag key="ele" value="3800" zoom-appear="13" />
      <osm-tag key="ele" value="3900" zoom-appear="13" />
      <osm-tag key="ele" value="4000" zoom-appear="13" />
      <osm-tag key="ele" value="4100" zoom-appear="13" />
      <osm-tag key="ele" value="4200" zoom-appear="13" />
      <osm-tag key="ele" value="4300" zoom-appear="13" />
      <osm-tag key="ele" value="4400" zoom-appear="13" />
      <osm-tag key="ele" value="4500" zoom-appear="13" />
      <osm-tag key="ele" value="4600" zoom-appear="13" />
      <osm-tag key="ele" value="4700" zoom-appear="13" />
      <osm-tag key="ele" value="4800" zoom-appear="13" />
      <osm-tag key="ele" value="4900" zoom-appear="13" />
      <osm-tag key="ele" value="5000" zoom-appear="13" />
      <osm-tag key="ele" value="5100" zoom-appear="13" />
      <osm-tag key="ele" value="5200" zoom-appear="13" />
      <osm-tag key="ele" value="5300" zoom-appear="13" />
      <osm-tag key="ele" value="5400" zoom-appear="13" />
      <osm-tag key="ele" value="5500" zoom-appear="13" />
      <osm-tag key="ele" value="5600" zoom-appear="13" />
      <osm-tag key="ele" value="5700" zoom-appear="13" />
      <osm-tag key="ele" value="5800" zoom-appear="13" />
      <osm-tag key="ele" value="5900" zoom-appear="13" />
      <osm-tag key="ele" value="6000" zoom-appear="13" />
      <osm-tag key="ele" value="6100" zoom-appear="13" />
      <osm-tag key="ele" value="6200" zoom-appear="13" />
      <osm-tag key="ele" value="6300" zoom-appear="13" />
      <osm-tag key="ele" value="6400" zoom-appear="13" />
      <osm-tag key="ele" value="6500" zoom-appear="13" />
      <osm-tag key="ele" value="6600" zoom-appear="13" />
      <osm-tag key="ele" value="6700" zoom-appear="13" />
      <osm-tag key="ele" value="6800" zoom-appear="13" />
      <osm-tag key="ele" value="6900" zoom-appear="13" />
      <osm-tag key="ele" value="7000" zoom-appear="13" />

   3.224061E+00   5.213225E+01
   5.807600E-02   5.010375E+01
   -2.031990E+00   4.976171E+01
   -1.773810E+00   4.900000E+01
   -7.598576E+00   4.941920E+01
   -1.076456E+01   5.043397E+01
   -1.257937E+01   5.316095E+01
   -8.552346E+00   5.896746E+01
   -1.637515E+00   6.113564E+01
   2.435310E-01   6.109084E+01
   9.781600E-02   5.942198E+01
   7.998970E-01   5.579959E+01
   3.224061E+00   5.213225E+01

any help would be greatly appreciated. And yes I know I have contour data set to display at a low zoom, I like the way it looks, and I had the same errors when I have it set to display at much higher zooms also.




my humble guess is that it's problem of rendering... not the map data (including contour data).
I would say that there are simply too many rendered objects to be handled correctly by the mapsforge rendering library.

What about zooms 13... 14+? ... do you have the same "missing objects" problem too ?

and regarding the pyghtmap commnad... I have just one thing to point out here: whould you try to change "-c" values ? e.g. to 200,100 ? the purpose is that elevation_minor and elevation_medium are different.



Quote from: "jurajs"any hints for improvements are welcome.

Hi, it would be nice to have also:

~ at row 260: railway=preserved e.g. http://www.openstreetmap.org/browse/way/160624419 Schafbergbahn
~ at row 272: building=church a lot of (big) churches are missing now e.g. http://www.openstreetmap.org/browse/way/29469492

Thank you all for the maps and the themes.


Thanks Jurajs, There seems to be 2 problems, before you replied, I rebuilt the map removing View1 and Srtm1 from Phyghtmap command, and the missing contours problem in the second image have gone, I did notice that a handful of view1 files were downloaded.  :D I will rebuild again with your suggestions to see if that works. Strange it only happens in Zoom 1 to 7, no contours are rendered in 1 to 5, and everything displays great from Zoom 8 onwards, even 13 & 14.

I will report back tomorrow when the map is rebuilt.