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I did a lot of testing now and my conclusion is:

tracking is working fine with version 1.9 !

So, sorry for wrong alarm...
So, now it's version 1.9 ... ;)

What I made today:

- I started Free version 1.9 and let the app get the position via GPS
- I chose "record" from right side bar
- I started recording with button in bottom bar
- I switched off the screen manually and started moving (by bike)
- After about 600 m I stopped and switched the screen on to control: everything o.k. - a very nice track was shown correctly
- I switched off the screen manually again and went on moving
- When I reached my desination I switched on the screen again

What I saw then was, that since the first stop there was no point recorded although from experience the GPS should get a position there (it's a plane surrounding with good view to the sky). Only my position where I was standing actually was recorded with the consequence, that there was a straight line between the two stop-positions.  :o

I stopped experimenting at this point, but I will go on in the next days.

Next I'll try the same without manually switching the screen. Perhaps in case of auto-switchoff the error will not occur like that one, I had before... :?
Hi menion.

Perhaps the description of the error is a little misunderstandable.

The "pause" status, the app is going to automatically, is not the normal one, which means, that the "pause"-button is not (!) highlighted. But the behavior is like the pause status.

When then pressing the "pause"-button and the "record"-button again, the track is normally continued, as if you had really left the "pause"-status. The "record"-button without "pause"-button before does not help... :?

Strange behavior...  :shock:
Ah, o.k. I understand.

Thanks for your response.

Only to understand you correctly - does this mean, that the code you use for showing the maps, is originally coming from mapsForge and outside of your influence?
I am living near a borderline between two states (Austria and Germany).

So, when I only can view one vectormap, I often have to switch between two maps when I cross the borderline (e.g. when I'm hiking).

For that my wish is, to have two or more vectormaps enabled for viewing at the same time, looking like one map (compare to "navit").

Would be great, also for tourists, in many areas (alps).

By the way - thanks for enabling vectormaps so far!
Hi @ all.

I am newly registered and this is my first post. So a few words to introduce me. I am a new user of locus (since may) and I'm not a programmer and so of course also not really familiar to android. So I can describe my problems only out of the "customer's" view... ;)

I have got the same problem as Eric has.

When I start recording a track and then manually switch off the screen, the recording switches to "pause"-status. Manually then pressing the pause-button and then the record-button again makes the recording going on.

Another thing is, that the auto-switch to "pause" - problem does not occur when the screen is switched off automatically by the system. The problem is only present, when the screen is switched off manually. So nothing for people without patience. ;)

The versions, I have the problem with, is 1.8.11 from the market, but also version, both free versions. I don't know, if the pro-version has the same problem.