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I start a new thread on this subject, although it's probably the same error I had when I posted in "Auto switch to " pause " mode during track recording"...

It has nothing to do with "pause"-mode. Also there is no dependence on screen's switch off.

It is just a stop of recording available (!) positions.

So, what happened?

I went by car (as a passenger) for more than 1 hour. So I had some time to start experimenting.

The track-recording started and I saw the red line.

But just after a few points the line stopped although the position (by the arrow) was shown correctly. That means, locus knew the correct position but did not write it into the track.

By pressing the "pause"-button, locus was obviously forced to write the last position into the track, so the red line was drawn from the last recorded point to the position where I pressed "pause". A lot of points between (although they had been registered and shown by the arrow) missed.

Pressing "record"-button again (the big red dot on button) made locus in average writing the next two or three points (sometimes more, sometimes even not a single one) again until the error occured again.

Remark: the correct position was availible the whole time (arrow was correct, exactly on the street, also following curves).

One time I had the following phenomenon: When screen was on, I saw that the red line stopped. I did nothing and waited for auto-screenoff. When I switched screen on again, the track had continued and the red line was correct even at the points that before had not been shown. But this was only one time and not (!) reproducable.  :?


The parameters: GPS-refresh every 2 seconds, intervall of track recording 3 seconds.

I use android 2.2.1 on a Samsung Galaxy S I9000.

Remark: I'm not sure, but it seems to me that it may depend on velocity. I had this error only, when I went by bike or by car, never, when I went by foot...  :!:  :?:
I am living near a borderline between two states (Austria and Germany).

So, when I only can view one vectormap, I often have to switch between two maps when I cross the borderline (e.g. when I'm hiking).

For that my wish is, to have two or more vectormaps enabled for viewing at the same time, looking like one map (compare to "navit").

Would be great, also for tourists, in many areas (alps).

By the way - thanks for enabling vectormaps so far!