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Under review / Next/Previous point
June 07, 2011, 13:06:51

If you click on a track, you get a pop-up, where you can choose a Point xyz, and then you get some info on that point. I would personally like a next/previous point arrow on that pop-up screen with point info, so I van easily click my way to points with speed == 0 for example, and see where that was on the map.


ps: just returned from a three days camping and fishing trip. Made a lot of logs, no problems whatsoever, track logging did not get killed by Android.
Implemented / Re: Google My Maps wishlist
June 02, 2011, 22:37:38
This thread made me look at the MyMaps functionality. Very cool actually :-)

Can I also upload a track I recorded in Locus to MyMaps? I don't seem to find that option, if it exists,

No, they should be one level higher, where the mobile atlas jar file is.

I am doing the same thing, but I zip the tile directories, and use that as a source for MOBAC. For example:

One zip file for each zoom level. The atlas creation with MOBAC seems much faster like this than downloading them via a webserver.
The tile directories are created by the mapnik script.

Yes I understand that MyTracks are not directly available in Locus, for me that is OK. Reloading every second does seem a bit expensive :-)
Now I just got a crash related to recording and the new custom-screens.

If I have track recording on with My Tracks, and press on the square button with the 1-2-3-4 (to show the custom screens), the application crashes. If track recording is off, it shows the custom screen normally.

Yesterday I did the same thing but with Locus track recording, and then there were no problems,

I had the same experience yesterday evenning. Had logging on the whole time in the train, while I was watching a Doctor Who episode. The tracking had stopped and Locus had disappeared. Train journey is about an hour.

I assumed it was the system who killed them (I don't have anything special running, but I though Android killed processes as well?).

I also had the logging on in the morning, without watching a movie, and then it worked OK.

Quote from: "menion"you're welcome. Test it and let me know if any problem occur. I don't tested it a lot :)
That what users are for ;)

I walked a bit in the afternoon, with the Locus tracklogging on (1 per second). It showed a nice trail of the last points: //

it auto-exported when I stopped the log, but I haven't looked at that track yet.
Thanks! Also for the "show last n points". I am installing the new version now,

Quote from: "menion"Hmm, these are good and bad news together.
By me, this have to be some problem of your phone. Really. Only what I can do is to save some CPU power. So I created new option into track recording, that allow you to hide track during recording, so it will not be computed for rendering. Maybe this could save some power.
hence my wish for only drawing the last n points of the recorded track ;)

Troubles & Questions / Re: Licensing errors
May 23, 2011, 11:51:59
I'll keep the free version installed as wel :-)

By the way, I never had a problem with the licensing, I am just intruding in this thread :-)

Troubles & Questions / Re: Licensing errors
May 23, 2011, 10:37:41
It's maybe good I see this.

I am often backpacking for weeks without internet, does that mean my new and shiny Pro version of Locus will stop working after two weeks? I maybe should have kept the free version then?

-peter (confused)
Overwriting (optional) would maybe be good; I'm also filling up with 001 002 003 etc versions :-)


I often record a track with points once a second, after a few hours it seems that the map becomes slow to scroll and move around. Not displaying the track seems to help.

Maybe we could have an option for the track shown when you are recording it, that you for example only draw the last n points. (I think my Garmin 60CSx had that option).

Just a question from someone who is following this with great interest; will these fields be on the map screen, or will it be a seperate screen with only these dashboard fields?