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Thanks! I'll try it (I record everywhere I go :) )

The logs did not look so useful to my untrained eye :) but a small thing kan be enough!

Other features / Re: Geocaching TOOLS
June 29, 2011, 10:06:22
Of course, I had forgotten about that menu option  :oops:

I was wondering, would it be possible to have a line also when you project a point, like in the "draw line" option? So it would be a bit like a combination between line and projection, maybe with an extra option in the popup menu.

OK, I found three logs from yesterday, the crash happened around 17.45. I'll attach them here, but I didn't see anything aruond 17.45 in them!

I'm not familiar with Catlog, but I'll have a look!

Troubles & Questions / Crash on saving track
June 28, 2011, 18:24:31
It's happened a few times now, so maybe I should mention it.

After a long trip, clicking on "stop" recording, track gets autosaved, whole Locus Pro crashes, black screen, get an Android dialog to quit the application. Which I then do. After this, the status bar still shows "recording". This time the whole track database has also been destroyed, it does not show any tracks anymore. When I opened Locus Free, I still had all the tracks in that DB (good to have both :-) ), and even the track-that-crashed is there.

In the cases it happened, I had been recording several hours, with the track recording settings on 1 meter/1 second.

Other features / Re: Geocaching TOOLS
June 27, 2011, 16:05:40
Just tried the circles, I was wondering, will there also be a way to take away a circle again, apart from exiting the whole application?

There was also a problem, after I exited the app, and started it again, drawing a circle would not show anything anymore. But then I had no satellite lock anymore, but I choose the centre of the map as a midpoint. But no circle was drawn.

Declined / Re: Desktop Version of Locus
June 21, 2011, 15:04:37
There is QLandkarteGT, which is similar to Mapsource/Basecamp (also it's the only option for Linux users). I think it also works on Windows and Mac.

Quote from: "simonb"I have a similar request,
Has anyone built a vector map for Australia, its only a few letters different!
Here you go (untested). It's big, 973 MB, so it didn't fit into my dropbox anymore, and I put it on my personal website.  

I don't think the raw data should be smoothed - that should be done by the application using the data, for example the chart drawing part. You never know what kind of smoothing you want anyway, or if there are applications where you don't want your track to be smoothed...
Quote from: "menion"enable it in settings (maps), enable GPS and try to go somewhere and you'll see it on maps ;)
Now I saw the option - I didn't notice it before :) Now I've tried it too, cool!

The tracks have to be exported first, otherwise they remain in the sqll databases in the data/ directory. When you export them, the tracks will appear in the export/ directory (you can set Locus to do an automatic export when you stop the track logging).
Quote from: "menion"14.6.2011 - Locus 1.8.8
  • new Free and Pro version released on market. Don't worry about active "Vector" tab ... it's visible only if you have any vector maps in mapsVector directory ;). So you can test actual maps also on Market version ...
So, what are these "Time Rings" ? :-)

Quote from: "rijackson741"Thanks. Let me try the 3Gb switch first. If I get NH done I also want Massachusetts though, which is 109Mb. I know I will not be able to do that!
There seems to be a problem with the NH data - I get a null pointer exception with both the pbf and the bz2 file. So it is maybe not your windows/java which is the problem!

I also tried Mass., that worked, I put it here (only created, not tested yet): //

Quote from: "rijackson741"The largest I can set is 1400m ("set JAVACMD_OPTIONS=-Xmx1400m" in the batch file). If I try anything larger it can't create the Java VM. I assume that's because I'm running Windoze 32 bit. With that setting I can't covert the NH file, so I think it's time to give up. Most files are much bigger than the NH file, so if it can't do NH there's no hope.  :cry:
I'm not sure about the 32 bit, shouldn't that allow for about 4 GB?

By the way, if it is NH you're after, I can try to generate that for you,

Quote from: "rijackson741"Thanks. That got me there  :D
Ok, great!

Quote from: "rijackson741"Now, like Menion, I am having trouble with anything other than very small maps though. Without the type=hd option I get an out of heap space error. With the type=hd option I successfully converted Delaware, but that is only 3.7Mb. It looks fine in Locus. I get a runtime error trying to convert New Hampshire though, which is 22Mb (not exactly huge either!). I'll have to play around a little to see if I can get past this latest hurdle.
I have problems with the type=hd option too - maps which I can create otherwise fail with this option.

Did you try changing the heapspace in the osmosis.bat file? I added "JAVACMD_OPTIONS=-Xmx3000m" to the osmosis start-up script to get more memory. The sweden map was the largest one I managed to do on my 4 GB laptop.

No problem, it is mostly obvious for people who have experience with these kind of things!

Having said that, I only tried it on Mac OS X and Linux - I have actually not much experience with Windows, I used a Mac until 1994, and then started to use Linux. At work I have always worked with Unix systems. But I can explain what I did on the mac with the different parts of the system.

First of all, I downloaded and unzipped osmosis-0.38. There is a bin directory there with the osmosis.bat file, and a file called osmosis. The latter I can run from the command line in OS X/linux, like this. Assume I am in the same folder I unzipped the osmosis archive. Then I can run "osmosis-0.38/bin/osmosis" to start osmosis. The osmosis script in the bin directory finds all the files it needs. I am assuming (hoping :-) ) the bat file will do the same. Maybe you can try to start osmosis like that?

Then I downloaded the trove software from // I unzipped it and put the trove-3.0.0rc2.jar into this directory: osmosis-0.38/lib/default/

For the mapfile-writer plugin something similar. First I downloaded the mapsforge-mapfile-writer-0.2.3.jar    from // This I put (and now te problems will start :) ) into this directory in my home directory:  .openstreetmap/osmosis/plugins/ (openstreetmap starts with a dot). I'm not sure how that translates to WIndows though...

Hm, I guess I am not much help, but maybe it helps a little.