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It works track up without navigation, as long as the hardware compass is not checked. This thread is SOLVED. Thanks a ton. Getting to like locus now.
Yep. If you know:-)
Thanks for your help.
I think that was the problem. It was ticked. Thanks for all your help.
Wonder if it is possible to get a refund? I have asked. Waiting for a reply. Thanks for your help/confirmation.
I have gps fix 3D, accuracy 3 meters. I selected "rotate map" bottom left. It still shows me moving sideways across the screen when I'm moving west. When I move south the map scrolls up the screen. I am not talking about while navigating. I have selected follow me, rotate maps. It does show my position in the center, but north is always up no matter which way I am moving.

I pressume a gps fix which it does. I have been standing outside. 22 satellites in view and accuracy is down to 3 meters. Also the gps has been on for a long time. This is the same problem with all 3 my devices.

Also osmand works correctly on all my devices. Track up.
No it is not.
To lock the zoom so it stays on the same zoom level.
Hi, when navigating or just moving without navigating I selected zoom lock. The zoom changes and ignores the setting.
What else should I do to lock the zoom?
Hi, I want the map in locus pro to show track up, not north up when I move. I have selected follow me and rotate maps. The map still shows north up when I move. I want track up when not actually navigating.
How do I do this?
Any help would be appreciated.