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Hi, can confirm: outdoor_activity-Austria  is not working at present.
Alternative: OSM Wanderreit (online download)    or  Bergfex (similar to Kompass-maps) (download via MOBAC)
Implemented / Re: track description
April 06, 2011, 15:57:21
PERFECT Menion, works like a charm... No conversion necessary, just import ..  great thx. !

Implemented / Re: track description
April 06, 2011, 10:30:09
great to hear! Thanks.
good luck for further awesome developments!
Implemented / Re: track description
April 06, 2011, 08:24:02
Good morning Menion, sorry for bad news early in the morning: import of description still does not work, or I do not know HOW to do.
Can you pls explain briefly what format should I use, what I have to take care of, maybe provide a testfile, so I can check what the differences are to my file.
What GPX  Editor do you recommend ?
Thanks a lot in advance.
krg Rob
Implemented / Re: track description
April 05, 2011, 11:23:31
I did it (just misspelled in blog)  - but doesn´t work.
I shortened the text, deleted the &' - no change. Description is not shown in track :-(
Is textformat ISO-8859-1  mandatory or is UTF-8 valid also ?

Here another expample (just deleted somethe trkpoints):

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<gpx version="1.1" creator="outdooractive -" xmlns="">
        <name>Kleiner Stössinger Rundwanderweg</name>
    <wpt lat="48.1156046969385" lon="15.7892349961912">
        <name>Kloster Hochstraß</name>
    <wpt lat="48.1320230002043" lon="15.7789725063049">
        <name>Johann-Enzinger Schutzhaus</name>
        <name><![CDATA[Kleiner Stössinger Rundwanderweg]]></name>
        <desc><![CDATA[Auf dem Weg von Stössing zum Kloster Hochstraß begegnen wir bereits mehreren Wegkreuzen und Kapellen. Beim Kloster angelangt erinnern die Gebäude und die Spuren in der Landschaft an die einstige belebte Zeit dieses Ortes. Generationen von jungen Frauen wurden hier in der Landwirtschaftlichen Haushaltungsschule des christlichen Ordens der Töchter der göttlichen Liebe umfangreich ausgebildet. Das Kloster war aber auch als wirtschaftliches, kulturelles und medizinisches Zentrum für die Umgebung von großer Bedeutung. Neben dem Kreuzwegstationen und dem Klosterfriedhof bietet sich gegen Voranmeldung die Möglichkeit des Besuches der historischen Käserei. Unser Weiterweg führt über weitläufige Wiesen und einem Höhenrücken zum Hegerberg. Nach wunderbarem Ausblick und guter Hausmannskost kommen wir über die neue Hegerbergstraße und einem anschließenden Waldstück zurück nach Stössing.]]></desc>
            <trkpt lat="48.12316" lon="15.81318"/>
            <trkpt lat="48.12304" lon="15.81332"/>
            <trkpt lat="48.12291" lon="15.81353"/>
            <trkpt lat="48.12278" lon="15.81385"/>
            <trkpt lat="48.12237" lon="15.81464"/>
            <trkpt lat="48.12169" lon="15.81583"/>
            <trkpt lat="48.12159" lon="15.81598"/>
            <trkpt lat="48.12104" lon="15.81661"/>
            <trkpt lat="48.12085" lon="15.81687"/>

Hope you find the "error"

Implemented / Re: track description Import
April 05, 2011, 09:27:53
when I import a track with description (e.g. from in GPX format, the tracklines, points,.. are correctly imported, but not the description.
The track-example you can find here: ... oints=true

 I checked the format and entered the  "![DATA ["   after <descr>  as well as  ]]  befor end of description <descr>  but it doesn´t help.

Are there more conversions necessary or is the text simply too long or ... ?

kind regards
Implemented / Re: track description
April 04, 2011, 16:50:34
thx - and good luck !
btw: also THANKs to realize the guiding option for "sound when moving FROM track"  - did not have opportunity to test - but believe the others, that it works.
GREAT work!
Best GPS Navi ever - forces me to do a walk as often as I can (to test all the goodies of your app)  -  good for personal health also  ;-)
Best regards
Implemented / track description
April 04, 2011, 11:39:35
a (hopefully) small issue: I use the desription of a track as kind of "tourbook". But when the description field shows 10 lines it scrolls up and I cannot scroll down anymore to see the first lines - just move the whole trackpage.
Is there a "trick" how to do ?


Implemented / Re: Beep once within x meters
April 01, 2011, 08:50:17
Hi Kai,
fully agree with your suggestion - see also my blog under "Troubles & Questions: search, route, guide questions ..
There are also some good ideas from Menion mentioned.... have a look...

regards Rob
with the new version the search feature is much more understandable and easier to access - GREAT!
Also the new Compass design is more clearly arranged.
Thanks Menion and further much success..
krg  Rob
yeah, would be great. But with ability to switch either-or or both, right?   e.g. on-track: single beep long,    wrong-way: fast beeps,    or right-way: deep sound, wrong-one: high
Anyway.. looking forward...
krg Rob
thanks Menion, I did not want to push YOU :-)
These were questions to all, so I hoped getting answeres from anybody from Forum....
1) great! works perfect-
2) pitty, but ok.
3) Pls think about this guiding stuff, if MY idea would also be selectable. It would save power and nerves :-)
Nevertheless looking forward to new version, but even the actual one is the best in market!

Thanks and further good luck
krg Rob
can nobody help me ?
Are the questions not clear enough or is there any manual where I could have found the answers? I searched a lot, but could not find anything regarding these issues... (except last point Guiding beep blog)


kind regards
Hi all,
First of all:  I LOVE Locus! It´s an amazing tool. I use it for walking and hiking with Galaxy Tab and the "Bergfex" Map of Austria (the most detailed hiking map I know -and offline ! GREAT!).
I want to learn more "secrets" - so I have some quesitons:

1)  Searching: how can search for a city/village/Mountain in a map (not a POI -this I know) ?
2)  routing: I love this feature to plan a tour. I know how to create, it works fine. But how can I change a route AFTER finishing ?
3) Guide on Tour:  I do not understand how to use this feature. It sound´s when coming close the next point, that´s it ?  I assumed that it sounds if the direction I go is wrong - so it´s more an "alarm", but doesn´t "nerve" me all the time with "beeps" :-)

Hope you can help...