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Hi , ich habe schon in mehreren Posts das Problem geschildert, aber nie eine "vernünftige" Antwort erhalten.
Könnte das jemand deutsch-sprechender mal nachvollziehen ?
Der Export von Tracktitel und Beschreibung mit Umlauten funktioniert prima in GPX, KML - mit einem simplen Texteditor nachgeprüft.
aber bei direkten Import in GPSIES  werden alle Umlaute mit "?"  dargestellt. Dies dann in GPSIES manuell zu korrigiern ist lästig.
Ich weiß nicht woran das liegt und ob ich der Einzige mit diesem Problem bin.

Ich kann den Export nach GPSIES leider nicht "abfangen" bevor er "in die Wolke" geht, sonst könnt ich das Export-Format selber checken..
Am I the only One with this issue?
Then it should be a question of my settings.
Can anybody help me pls?

when importing my old gpx tracks all "Umlaute"  ä, ö, ü, ...  are changed in strange letters, also in description.
I checked gpx  files with editor and names are correct. Codes are either ISO or UTF-8.
Any setting what I can change ?
Example see below.

edit:  kml files are imported correctly.

Thx for help.
Various & Bin / a special wish ...
December 24, 2011, 14:50:12
Hi menion,

This time a wish without any work for you: :-)


Thanks a lot for you support, for your willingness and capability to satisfy so many userwishes with this outstanding product...
All the best for future.

Best regards
ich bin schon seit langem begeisteter Nutzer von Locus. Mittlerweile habe ich zig Routen, Tracks, POIs  usw ... aber irgendwie einen "Sauhaufen" in meinem Kategorien und Tracks Ordner.
Würde mir gern Tipps von euch holen, wie ihr Ordnung haltet, speziell wie ihr die Kategorien nutzt ?

Leider wurde mein Wunsch nach einem- wählbaren - Verzeichnis je Route (z.B Routenplan - Trackaufzeichnung, POIs, FotoPOIs, Beschreibung usw. ..) noch nicht erfüllt.
Also z:B.
Verzeichnis: Semmering_Wanderung_Sept_2011
darin die Files:
-  Routenplanung.kml
- Trackaufzeichung.kml
- Foto1.jpg
- Foto2.jpg
Verzeichnis: Glocknertour_Nov_2011
 - Route_kurz.kml
 - Route_lang.kml
- Track.kml

Dann könnte man die einzelnen Verzeichnisse einfach mal wegkopieren/archivieren oder weitergeben und hat alles komplett gesichert!

Würde mich über ein paar Hilfestellung wie ihr das so macht, freuen.
Danke im Voraus

when exporting e.g.a Route/Track named:  
 R_Linz - Graz.kml  
 in the export dir it comes:
 rlinz_graz.kml   or rlinz_graz.gpx.

I use R_ for Routes  (planned) and T_   for tracks (executed) to differentiate in Export Dir and copied Filedirectories, but  rlinz ..  or    tlinz ...  looks not very good :-(

Is it a matter of settings ? IF yes, where to change pls ?

Troubles & Questions / settings of Forum
December 07, 2011, 15:35:50
Hi, not really a question about Locus but about the Forum itself:

is there anywhere a setting to display the newest/recent posts first within a Topic?
I always have to jump to last page, scroll down.... it´s awsome...

I know the "view new posts"  but still after opening one topic I have to scroll......

Thx for any idea...

I like this Forum .... :-)


EDIT: I found it myself.... in the UserControl Panel.... Board Preferences - Display Options.....

can be closed
Declined / Track Review Mode
November 22, 2011, 09:03:06
Hi menion,
tonight I had a great idea for improvement of Locus, which I want to share with you:
I would really appreciate to have a "track review mode".
So, if you have done a track with some photoPOIs plus a description of POIs and track it would be very nice, if you can show them in a convenient way.

That means: if you move the cursor to the 1. PhotoPOI automatically the corresponding Photo will pop up in almost full view with a status/menubar on top showing:

==name of photo  /  elevation of POI   ==         [previous slide] [next slide] -- [previous POI] [next POI] --  [to Details] -- [back to track/map]

where [to Details]  the known screen with Details and Diagramm means.  Previous and next slide are active only when more than 1 photo was taken at same POI. All other buttons are selfexplaining I guess.
For now if you want to present your track and Photos of this track its circumstantially: Move to point - tap on point - tap on photo - close pictureviewer - close popup - move to next point..... start same procdure.

And the cherry of the cake would be if you have the Photos Fullview (with the above bar) and overlapped the map with the track small in a corner - customable in size and which corner - not necessary to switch back to map to see at which point Photo was taken.

I hope it was not just a dream and you will find it usefull to realize.

thanks in advance for thinking about

Implemented / Elevation download
November 18, 2011, 22:11:13
Hi menion,

I really like and use a lot planning a route directly in locus.
Annoying is only that after finishing the route I have to switch to tracks search the recently created route and than to download the elevation profile.
I really would like to have this directly from the map after creating.
Would you pls add this menuepoint also to the track popup menue?
2. When you are in the tracklist and you select a track e.g. to download the elevation and you close popup than list is always scrooled down to top, it does not keep position.
Would recommend to fix the list in position left before.

Tomorrow I will test the guiding sound issue I mentioned with
Thanks for taking care!
regards Rob
Hi menion,
I  think the settings "..if jump to next point.."
and ".... if move away from track...."  are reversed.
Today I did a guided tour with setting piep if away from track and got approx all 30sec a piep even when right on track.Tried to went far away from track - no sound.
Changed setting and voila- get sound when moved away.
1. thought: it was the german translation, but it's the same in english.

Or did I misunderstand something?

Various & Bin / import GPSTrack-maps
August 04, 2011, 15:16:53
as GPSTacks is now available for Android and also offers downloading of very nice TOPO maps, is there a possibility to use them in LOCUS? They are stored in  .png tiles. So, this is not ONE big png but in different directories several png files (according to tiles).
Is there a way to convert e.g. a whole directory into a sql db?

The features of LOCUS are unbeatable, so i want to stick to, but the maps of GPSTracks are more detailed than offered by Locus.

regards Rob
It seems, that online and offline zoomsteps do not correspond: I select a suitable zoomstep in online mode (eg.15) and want to download a selected area. But the proposed zoomsteps are starting with 21.
So zoom 13 online = 21 offline
14 = 22, 15 = 23 .....
I checked this with different maps - all the same.
This is since my beginning with locus, but I waited that others will remark this but could not find any posting. Am I the only one having this issue?
EDIT: In newest its already corrected -sorry and thx.
Implemented / tracks and waypoints
May 27, 2011, 07:51:53
1. Just a small issue: with 1.8.4 compacting the trackpopup menue is ok, but selecting a track shows "information, point xx, .." whereas in previous version instead of "infomation" the trackname was shown. Can you pls show trackname in popupmenue again.

2. My great wish: possibility to link POIs to tracks!
Creating a POI during trackrecording should also contain trackname, (e.g. 2nd line in description showing trackname), so when selecting a track to show also the POIs associated with this track should been shown.

3. To be able to edit a track directly in map display, not only in tracklist. E.g. new menuepoint in trackpopup: edit.

Great work Menion - thx much for all improvements!
Under review / improve export function
May 20, 2011, 09:52:56
pasted from troubles section:

can you do, that images linked to a poi or track will be exported as well when exporting track or points ?
I know the feature of exporting tracks and points.
BUT I cannot import them into any other app like Google maps, google earth, ..- always getting error:
("400. That's an error.
Your client has issued a malformed or illegal request. That's all we know. ")
Further: cannot upload (share) points to e.g. Dropbox - error: "textupload not implemented yet" (do not know if this comes from Locus or Dropbox)

Can anybody help ?
How can I export e.g. a point to google maps/earth showing also description and foto (see example attached)
I frequently use the foto-feature together with track/point description to create my "tourbook", like it very much, but want to export it to MyMaps

thx for help.
Implemented / Track settings by profiles
May 04, 2011, 12:48:21
Hi menion,
just an idea:
Locus offers some settings for track recording, which should be adjusted for most efficiency of Precision/accu/continuity....
What do you think about quick-settings for different profiles ?
Examples: (do not rely on this values - just MY thoughts)

if Profile CAR:
+  distance Intervall: 500 m
+ time intervall: 10 sec
+ max. precsision: 100m  (don´t know what exactly this means)
+ only if movement:  YES
+ GPS during pause:  NO
+ TrackColor: RED

or Profile per Pedes:
+  distance Intervall: 25 m
+ time intervall: 60 sec
+ max. precsision: 250 m  
+ only if movement:  NO
+ GPS during pause:  YES
+ TrackColor: GREEN

and so on..
With recommended values from you, but adjust- and storeable by user.
And above all: switchable by quicksettings.

Implemented / improve route planning
April 25, 2011, 21:53:39
Hi Menion, I like the feature to plan a route on Galaxy Tab directly but I have a suggestion to improve this planning:
now you have to click twice: first to add the point, 2nd to select car, bike, foot - and this each time (or am I wrong?)
My proposal is:to select first: car, bike or foot and this selection is valid for all points of current track - so you only have to add point after point.

2. A bug??: When planning and changing from auto-route to manual (e.g because auto-route does not fit) the track is not continued but brakes. Can you pls check this.
Thx and further success with this really powerful app!
regards Rob
Under review / Export to Everytrail
April 07, 2011, 13:05:26
Hi Menion, do you have any plans to export tracks directly to e.g EveryTrail ?

Implemented / track description
April 04, 2011, 11:39:35
a (hopefully) small issue: I use the desription of a track as kind of "tourbook". But when the description field shows 10 lines it scrolls up and I cannot scroll down anymore to see the first lines - just move the whole trackpage.
Is there a "trick" how to do ?


Hi all,
First of all:  I LOVE Locus! It´s an amazing tool. I use it for walking and hiking with Galaxy Tab and the "Bergfex" Map of Austria (the most detailed hiking map I know -and offline ! GREAT!).
I want to learn more "secrets" - so I have some quesitons:

1)  Searching: how can search for a city/village/Mountain in a map (not a POI -this I know) ?
2)  routing: I love this feature to plan a tour. I know how to create, it works fine. But how can I change a route AFTER finishing ?
3) Guide on Tour:  I do not understand how to use this feature. It sound´s when coming close the next point, that´s it ?  I assumed that it sounds if the direction I go is wrong - so it´s more an "alarm", but doesn´t "nerve" me all the time with "beeps" :-)

Hope you can help...