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Hello everyone,
I would like to share with you one of the problem I am having recently. Couple of days ago, I bought 'John Thornmap' from Locus store. After downloading and playing with this map, my offline vector map (England, previously bought) doesn't load any more. Also 'John thornmap' is displaying night mode I believe, as deep black shadow every where in the map. I am using Locus app nearly 8 years or so. Never faced this issue. I tried all the trouble shooting including disabled /enabling auto load offline map, enabling /disabling night mode, clearing cache, restarting app and phone couple of times. I am using Huawei 10 View. Any help will be appreciated regarding this, please.
Tools / How to install Mobile atlas creator in MAC
December 11, 2013, 19:24:46
I need help to install MOBAC in my mac. I read some instructions in MOBAC forum but it is not in details for basic mac users.
Forum says though '' you can start MOBAC by executing the start-up script by executing following command: chmod u+x'' I tried but failed to do it correctly. I need step by step guide  to be honest with you guys. Any help will be really really helpfull.
Troubles & Questions / Can't find maps
May 27, 2013, 02:27:38
Yesterday after updating to the latest version I don't see some maps from quick view. I have total 44 map files from different countries. Once I clicked on map> personal, I usually found all of maps listing there alphabetically as well as added extra map folders. It was really very easy for me to switch over any maps. But now it only shows list of last used 2 maps and lists of nearest 10 maps. Rest of the maps files are  hidden. S0 can't not switch over them. So I need some help to find my full list of maps in one place so that I can switch over easily among the maps. Thanks.
Sorry, it's not a Locus related discussion but any help will be much appreciated and that is, Tomorrow I am going to Lisbon, Portugal for a holiday. I am just wondering which mobile network is cheaper for calling and Internet data over there, please.
POI's / Need POIs of Portugal
April 11, 2013, 20:59:56
Hi there! I am looking for Portugal POIs , all categories and any format. Any help will be very much appreciated.
Wishlist / Quick access to Bluetooth gps on off
April 11, 2013, 07:08:21
Some people may get very handy if we can add BT gps on off settings on the right panel or any other quick access to this application.
I need to download 'Google public transport' map using Mobile atlas creator. Any help will be very much appreciated.
Just downlaoded MOBAC 1.9.11. I found that the most of the map sources have been removed from the application compare to version 1.8  beta. I need to add GB OS map source with it. I read some howtos but I find it difficult to follow. Could anyone please help me to adding GB OS map source with MOBAC?
Other features / Map of Portugal
February 23, 2013, 22:50:11
Coming May, I am going to Portugal (Lisbon and Tomar) for a holiday. Does anyone know which map is good for hiking/ walking in Portugal country-side Is there any details map out there like GB OS map? I checked all the online map from the locus but did not find any GB OS like map. Any help will be appriciated.
Troubles & Questions / Custom Voice but no sound!
February 06, 2013, 04:57:12
Hi Guys
As per this guide ( ... ion_voices) I copied and converted tomtom voice files and copy-paste it in Locus nav_audio folder. But there is no sound when I select this one. 'Tim voice' that I have downloaded from Locus is working fine. Any help will be appreciated.
Declined / Full-screen on right panel
June 28, 2011, 20:48:10
It will be very handy if we have the choice to  set full-screen on/off in the right panel option. Cheers!
Declined / Sync with gmail and re-routing
June 28, 2011, 10:14:01
Hi! It will be nice if we can sync with Google email and backup our gpx files with a label or if we can export tracks to gmail. Also it will be very helpful if we have a option to correct and re-route saved tracks (drawn). At this moment we have to delete whole track and re-draw again if you need to change part of the route once saved. Thanks.
Hi! Here are few navigation icons. If you like to use these , please feel free to download, unzip and copy to Locus icon folder. Please use each set at a time unless you rename it. Cheers!
After the latest update of paid version I can't move to and from points. Before any long press on track or points Locus gave me several options including display point on map or move map to point. But now the options have been disabled. Can't move maps or display set centre. From now u have to select map by ticking box but map does not move and go displayed map by sliding manually. Please help.
POI's / [ICONS] Few POI icons
April 12, 2011, 21:04:07
Here is a small collection of few icons for point of interest. If you are interested, please feel free to download and copy it to Locus icon folder. Cheers!
Implemented / Road name with City
April 03, 2011, 12:41:03
Any long press on Locus map give us the road name only. It will be more helpful if it gives city name as well like Google does.
Locus map has one unique feature and that is -: any long press on map it gives you some options. No other off-line map application has this sophisticated featurs indeed! It is very easy to get adress of your chossen place by tapping long. It will be fine and really another helpful featur if there is another sub-option to edit  before saving the point. Cheers!
Implemented / Heading Vector Time
March 15, 2011, 07:17:56
No doubt that Locus is the best application of its kind. However, adding more and more features will enhance this application. Among those 'Heading Vector time' is an another very usefull feathure for the walker, hiker and biker. You may consider about it. Cheers!
POI's / [POI] McDonalds UK
March 13, 2011, 20:15:53
Here are the locations of all McDonalds UK branches. Cheers!
POI's / [POI] Burger King UK
March 13, 2011, 20:13:35
Please find attached gpx files. It contains the locations of all the Burger King branches in the UK. Cheers!