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Quote from: freischneider on April 03, 2023, 21:38:13Benches make sense. OAM also has them in the cards. But you don't need trash cans on an outdoor map. Every hiker takes his trash home again.

Whether I need them or not is irrelevant; what concerns me is that in v.3 I could see them (not sure about LoMaps, but certainly in OpenAndroMaps), in v.4 I can't.
Troubles & Questions / Displaying litter bins?
April 03, 2023, 17:01:53

I only just noticed a tiny but annoying problem with Locus Map 4/Gold.

My particular interest when I enter stuff into OSM are foot paths ad cycle paths, together with any benches and litter bins beside them.

Today I followed a foot path that I had recorded some years ago, needed a litter bin to get rid of a wrapper - and found that Locus 4, unlike Locus Pro, apparently didn't display them.

I tried out all relevant online and offline maps and all themes  available in the app.

Some of my choices led to a display of the benches I had entered into OSM, but: no litter bins.

Is there anything I can do?

I suppose this has already been asked, but I can't find the thread:

Locus Pro 3.5 and 4/Gold share most data (List of Themes is slightly different).

All data are in the internal Default location, except for vector maps, which have a dedicated location on the SD card.

(Galaxy S9 with CustomROM equivalent to Android 8.1).

Can I / How can I uninstall Pro without deleting any of the data for "4"?

Regards, J.
Hallo, tommi,

du hast natürlich recht - meine Antwort war offensichtlich allzu kurz; ich wollte nur darauf hinweisen, dass mit großer Wahrscheinlichkeit 1:25000 nichts mit Zoom-Stufe 18 auf irgendeinem Gerät zu tun hat; jeder, der sich einmal eine topographische Karte 1:25000 anschaut, und dann die Größe dieses Kartenbildes mit dem vergleicht, was er/sie in Stufe 18 zu sehen bekommt, wird dies wohl bestätigen können.

hilft zwar nicht beim Umgang mit Online-Karten, trotzdem zur Klärung:

balloni55 hat vermutet, Stufe 18 entspreche einem Maßstab von 1:25.000, also, "4cm auf der Karte entsprechen einem Kilometer in der Natur".

Ich hab's gerade auf meinem Gerät nachgenessen: bei Stufe 18 entsprechen 4cm einer realen Länge von 100 m; das heißt, der Maßstab ist 1:2.500.