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I don't want to "steal" another's idea, so I'll just point you to the source:

a method that, (at least for Samsung devices) as far as I can tell, enables EVERY file manager to handle Android/data and Android/obb on Android 13, is described here:

Take a look at the post beginning "I bet you are having a really bad day" (or so.)

Additional infos;
-MT Manager can be sideloaded from a site mentioned a few posts further down (#46) (I didn't find it on apkmirror),
-"easily" in the first post means "navigate to Android/data, tap "Property/Modify" and tick the two missing options".
-If, in the Play Store, you have Automatic Updates activated, the app Files (which you can search for by that name in MT Manager in other System languages as well), will be re-updated quickly - don't know if that would create a problem.)
Right - I'll add to the other thread about Android 13's Android/data folder.

Quote from: Henk van der Spek on October 15, 2023, 21:10:59... horizontal accuracy of about 4 meters. I think you should not expect more.

I don't - that's about what the A5 delivered on that walk; the A14, however, sometimes deviated from my actual path by more than 10m. Too much, as obviously "better" was possible.
Quote from: Andrew Heard on October 15, 2023, 12:57:26can you ... check the frequency of timestamps? And check the settings ...?

The settings are indeed different - when the very first track was unsatisfactory, I changed the settings to "1m AND 1s" and never bothered to look at the A5 (2m AND 2s) - with corresponding time stamps of mostly  1 to 2s / 2 to 3s.
However, I fail to see how this can cause the A14 to have me cross the street ten times west of the bulge, whereas the A5 track is mostly on the kerb and just once has me walk in the middle of the street.
I did do a manual backup on the A5, and restored that on the A14.
I also downloaded an up-to-date LoMap of the region where I was on holiday, and somewhere was told I had Gold status.

thanks for your answers.

To make sure, I just switched on my A5 again - and as expected (after all, I transferred all the apps that could be transferred from A5 to A14), ,,About this app/AppInfo" quotes the version number 4.19.0. (...and I "am golden".)
So this means there should be no ads?

I didn't know about the altimeter; this would explain the jagged altitude graph - but surely not why, according to the track, I stumbled all over the place, crossing and re-crossing the street several times, including once when the A5 shows me in a bakery on the south side, whereas the A14 has me race across into a building on the north side!

Kind Regards,
Lucky you - or unlucky?

I had to "walk the extra mile"  (OT: in Willingen (Upland)), but now even my old Total Commander has access to all four folders.

I just finished moving stuff from my trusty old Galaxy A5(2017) to a brand new Galaxy A14 5G.

Yesterday I recorded the first track on the new device, and had a vague feeling that the track looked more jagged than expected - especially as the A14 can receive data from up to 47 satellites, compared to the A5's 23.

So, today I compared...

Two results from walking to the supermarket and back - both devices side by side in the same hand:

1. The track looks MUCH better on the OLD device - the A14 is, in this respect, simply crap (see attached Screenshots - the first two are from the A5 - Nr.2 transferred to the A14, as without "Pro" there's no altitude graph.)

2. Locus 4 on the old device told me "tired of ads? Go Pro!" Is this expected behaviour?


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Weird; do you - like me - use a Samsung phone? Samsung are notorious for making things more difficult than they have to be.

I've found a method which, as far as I can tell, enables every Android file manager (except, I think, the one supplied with the phone) to access Android/data and Android/obb, both internal and external, on Android 13.

However, this method includes sideloading an app from an App Repository other than the Play Store.

Is this permissible on this forum?

[If not, how about pointing to the spot on the Web where I found the information?

To correct my previous post: I should have read the comments to the method described in the link before posting.

Apparently Google REALLY don't like the notion that someone who buys an Android phone actually owns it.

It seems that they have already partly fixed the loophole this method used; I at least can still move stuff out of sdcard/Android/data, but no longer into it.

Just to check, I downloaded a current LoMap - and found it residing snugly in the internal Android/data, where I absolutely don't want it (free space internal 9.8 GB, external 230 GB).

I could easily move the files into the external Android folder, but, depending on how I then proceeded, Android/data was either greyed out or not visible at all.

So, it'll have to be my PC to finish the job, after all - and hopefully not botch it (MTP transfer is notorious for its tendency to corrupt large files, and of the 60+ map files I tranferred into the external Android/data, Locus flagged one as faulty, as well it should: it's about half the size it should be.)

[I just hate using adb push, because I keep making typos, making the whole process quite time consuming.]
thanks - good to be sure.
Thanks, Michael,

maybe I will try that next.

Right now I seem to have found a (slightly cludgy) solution:

...describes just that: basically, there is a hidden file manager in Android 13; you disable the visible file manager (Files, Eigene Dateien, whatever) and download an app "Files" from the Play Store (the one by "marc apps & software), which calls this hidden file manager from its hiding place.

With it you can access Android/data both internally and externally.

The cludge comes when you try to copy or move files; for that you will actually have to read the description from the above link and/or watch the video. [Actually, "doing" is easy, "finding out how" is non-trivial.]

Troubles & Questions / Problem with this web site?
October 10, 2023, 15:08:16

before switching to Android 13, I didn't visit the forum for quite a while.

Now, when I do, I find an urgent security warning about riskware on this site.

Any information about this?


I've been fighting my way through the "upgrade" process from Android 7.1 to Android 13 for more than two days now, cursing the "nice folks" at Google every step of the way.

With Locus my problem was moving my 11 GB MapsVector folder from its rightful place somewhere on the micro sd card to the sd card version of Android/data.

In the forum I'd read about two apps which were supposed to do the trick:

-FV File Explorer
----which didn't even SHOW Android/data, just Android/media.

----which showed the contents of Android/data just fine, and when I tapped

told me that "a one-time action" was needed to reach my goal.

Instead all I did reach was a barrier in the form of a "helpful" bit of information:

"This folder can't be used. For the protection of your data [URGENT desire to puke] please select a different folder"

Eventually I was forced to boot my PC - so far Google has not managed "for the protection of our data" to block that particular access.

Still, having to wait till I'm near my PC EVERY time I want to do ANYTHING involving Android/data would be a MAJOR pain.

So: IS THERE a way to access that blasted monument to Google's arrogance from inside the phone?