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Wishlist / Few questions/wishes regarding waypoints
« on: June 26, 2012, 21:28:24 »
I have problems finding this out in locus menu so please help me and if it's non-existing feature please implement.

1.Is it possible to change default waypoint icon ? I know this can be done upon waypoint creation however I would like to define which one icon will be the first suggested by locus

2.Is it possible to turn auto title creation ? I do record a lot of waypoints and it is problematic to type name every single time, takes time. It would be way much better if locus could increment number as title and allow to change it if desired.
For example : feature would allow user to define the syntax like for example forest###; this will result in waypoint creation of forest001, forest002, forest003 etc.

3. Would it be possible to allow user to define default photo width for waypoints KML export ? It is set for width="60px" but as for me it is too small and I have to edit manually every single exported KML file and change it to for example width="400px"

4. I know I can change label font size however it would great if there could be option to change colour of label text and colour of background for label. I work with different scanned maps and sometimes I need something with better contrast.

5. Is it possible to view waypoints and routes on single page but filtered by date of creation and merge export these to one file ? I'd like to have my route and photo waypoint exported to one KML.

thanks in advance

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