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Troubles & Questions / Re: No option for a right panel
« on: April 19, 2015, 15:07:56 »
once again, how do I activate right panel ???

I open set functions panels in 3.8.0 and now I can 'add funtion to panel' however it adds only to top panel,
how to add to right panel ?

Wishlist / Re: Few questions/wishes regarding waypoints
« on: June 27, 2012, 12:34:29 »
thanks and what about point 2 and 4 ? is there a chance of having this ?

Wishlist / Re: Few questions/wishes regarding waypoints
« on: June 27, 2012, 11:45:52 »
Quote from: "menion"
2. about names - is only "auto-parameter" number of point, or also something more (for example time or location)?

auto-parameter name is enough as other values are already there

Quote from: "menion"
3. check ... igcfg_file , parameter "export_photo_width". It will work in next version

thank you

Quote from: "menion"
4. I'll decrease a little bit alpha and we'll see. Magenta background should be nice on dark maps, but I need some universal color visible quite good on all possible maps - hard task I know

it could be like above, leave the background like it is right now but allow user to edit this in config.cfg if you don't want to put this in GUI

BTW: Do you have any plans to introduce additional features like for example distance measuring tool ? I refer to feature from Oziexplorer where you can click start and walk a path, app will show you real time the distance you have walked since the start and you can have not only one but few such measurements. I know I can do some calculations of track being recorded, check points or hover the point to see the distance from the start however sometimes your path of walking and recorded track is not the same. For example I measure some area or border but I travel on path so I do pause recording to walk to next point of measurement. I'm not sure if you understand, distance of measurement and distance of walking would differ.

Wishlist / Re: Few questions/wishes regarding waypoints
« on: June 26, 2012, 21:49:27 »
thank you for such quick reply

Quote from: "menion"
2. check new "Quick new point" feature in list of functions. I'm sure it will be very useful for you

yes but it does not apply to 'new point (camera)' and I do a lot of these for a project
and every single time I have to insert name, and remember right number. I'm not asking for something
very hard to implement, just something that others like Oruxmaps already have as a feature.

Quote from: "menion"
3. I'm really setting there width 60px? Don't even know it :) I'll check it tomorrow

that's what I'm getting in latest version

Quote from: "menion"
4. I'm worried that there is already quite a too much settings. If you have better colors instead of current, that will make text more readable (maybe just less alpha?), let me know

for instance if you can set magenta background this will be easily readable on topo maps where you have a lot of green/blue/black colours; I know in previous versions of Locus label text was red and now it is black so there is possibility to change. If you worry about too much settings then please explain how to modify settings (.pref) file so I can change it by myself.

Wishlist / Few questions/wishes regarding waypoints
« on: June 26, 2012, 21:28:24 »
I have problems finding this out in locus menu so please help me and if it's non-existing feature please implement.

1.Is it possible to change default waypoint icon ? I know this can be done upon waypoint creation however I would like to define which one icon will be the first suggested by locus

2.Is it possible to turn auto title creation ? I do record a lot of waypoints and it is problematic to type name every single time, takes time. It would be way much better if locus could increment number as title and allow to change it if desired.
For example : feature would allow user to define the syntax like for example forest###; this will result in waypoint creation of forest001, forest002, forest003 etc.

3. Would it be possible to allow user to define default photo width for waypoints KML export ? It is set for width="60px" but as for me it is too small and I have to edit manually every single exported KML file and change it to for example width="400px"

4. I know I can change label font size however it would great if there could be option to change colour of label text and colour of background for label. I work with different scanned maps and sometimes I need something with better contrast.

5. Is it possible to view waypoints and routes on single page but filtered by date of creation and merge export these to one file ? I'd like to have my route and photo waypoint exported to one KML.

thanks in advance

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