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Troubles & Questions / Modify WMS request to accept jpg images also
« on: October 17, 2011, 03:05:43 »
It seems the WMS ability of Locus is only accepting png images.  I have tried some WMS that only supply jpg images and they are not working in Locus. The getCapabilities request is tells the software which images are available.

JPG are smaller size for raster aerial image tiles and therefore many aerial image WMS service only supply jpg images.

Menion is possible for you to add WMS jpg capability for locus????

Under review / Re: Transparency, Base map, Overlay map, Underlay map
« on: October 16, 2011, 15:59:30 »


Locus Pro is the best android app I have found.

However, I also use OSMAND because of the transparency and over and underlay capabilities, both apps can use sqlitedb custom map sources.

I would like to change the location for the source maps within Locus Pro to access the same folder that OSMAND is using rather then have two copies of the same map taking up space in my phone.

The OSMAND app stores the sqlitedb files in a folder called "tiles".  Where as the Locus app using a folder called "maps".

I wish to have one copy of the map on my phone and both apps have access to the same map.

please advise  :?:

Under review / Transparency, Base map, Overlay map, Underlay map
« on: October 15, 2011, 04:21:57 »
I wish for option to select a Base Map, OverLay map, and Underlay map.

I would also like transparency bars to stay on the screen for the overlay and underlay map and base map.  Transparency should be 0-100

It would be Ok if the transparency bars faded away so not to take over the screen real estate for too long,  but there should be an option icon on the main screen that does not fade away that will reopen the transparency bars immediately.

This is a very useful feature.

The overlay, underlay, and base map should be able to be sqlitedb

This feature already exists on the OSMAND app
however the problem is that there is only 1 transparency bar that shows up on the screen then it fades away within seconds.  I would like the option to keep the transparency slider bars on the screen.

This is usefull for example if you have a land ownership overlay and an aerial photo basemap and mapquest underlay.   Maybe you want to make sure you are on public ownership momentarily as you move or near a border but change turn it off quickly to see the aerial photo for hiking.

Discussion/New features / Re: WMS recommended maps
« on: October 15, 2011, 04:06:48 »

I ask favor for change to Locus WMS.

The reason the WMS service from  
does not work is because it only gives <Format>image/jpeg</Format>

not "png" format

The source of the WMS service told me that the getcapabilities statement tells your program to only request jpeg format but your program is only asking for png.

Is possible for you to accept jpg as well as png? ... pabilities


I am wondering if it is possible......

Load personal raster map (sqlitedb) in display.  Then overlay a vector layer?

Or have a sqlitedb of aerial image (raster) and have another sqlitedb of vector layer and turn both on?

In normal GIS applications like ESRI ArcMap or Global Mapper you can add vector layers (example .shp files) over raster images.

Is this possible in Locus Pro?

I notice this is possible with my WMS service. I have many layers and I can turn layers off and on.  However I am looking for a way to do this offline.

I notice with MOBAC you can add more then one layer to the atlas and create the sqlite but it seems to only show the bottom layer in the output even if the other layer was created to be PNG8 transparent tiles.

If any one can help with this please describe the procedure.  

Also method to use ESRI .shp files in Locus Pro.

Discussion/New features / Re: WMS recommended maps
« on: October 01, 2011, 22:35:29 »

Try these WMS services. I can get those to work in ArcGIS software but not within Locus Pro.  Does the provider need to change something in order to view or is the issue on the software side? ... specs.html

Various & Bin / WMS download to offline sqlitedb
« on: October 01, 2011, 15:42:22 »
Would it be possible to have download option within locus to download cache tiles for offline use.  I love the option you have to save online maps for offline use.  I wush there was option to download from wms service maintaining any transparency set for layers.  And to only zoom to tile download resolutions.

Troubles & Questions / Re: WMS layers to sqlitedb
« on: October 01, 2011, 14:59:01 »
The WMS service has several polygon layers which overlay the aerial within the same wms service.  In your program I see it is possible to choose which of my wms layers to turn on.  I choose ownership layer on top of aerial photo.  Ownership has several public lands owners like county, state  federal.  Which is color coded with transparency set to 70% so I can see the aerial photo below.  This works in your locus pro when connected to the wms service. The service has cached tiles.  I am looking for a method to display the ownership polygon layer with 70% transparency over the aerial photo offline.

The background layer is coming from the same sqlitedb it creates the ownership layer over the aerial photo but the problem is that within the sqlitedb the ownership layer no longer maintains the transparency it had while being displayed from the wms service.

Any way to achieve this offline?

Any way to do this?

Troubles & Questions / WMS layers to sqlitedb
« on: October 01, 2011, 01:10:48 »

I created a WMS service which has vector (ownership with 60% transparency) and raster (aerial photo).

I can connect to the WMS service and see the layers display correctly in Locus Pro.  ESRI ArcGIS server is creates the cache tiles for the WMS service.  

This is only useable with WIFI because of the time download to view.  Therefore I want to put the tiles on the sd card on the hand held device so there is quick drawing in the forest when there is no internet.

I am adding the WMS service to the list in Mobile Atlas Creater to create a sqlitedb and then copy that to the maps folder in Locus Pro.  However the problem is this....... the vector polygon layer is not transparent and I can not see the aerial photo below.

How do I maintain the transparency to the vector polygon ownership layer so I can see the aerial photo underneath the aerial photo using a sqlitedb?

Is this possible with the sqlitedb format or is there another method?    

 :?:  :?:  :?:  :?:  :?:

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