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it seems like the GPS auto-off feature has been removed. I am Ok with that, but my problem is that now I am unable to remove the GPS auto-off button from my quick settings panel. How can I get rid of it?
The street names are shown on the display, when using loRouter also. My problem is, that they are not spoken (for example: "turn into Hauptstraße"). As I got it working once before.
Would be useful for navigating without screen, voice only.

I am not sure, whether it is a bug that it does no longer work, or it was removed, or it only worked in classic, or  that I have a false memory that it once worked.

I remember that in the past in navigation mode the street names where announced by voice (not sure whether I was using Locus classic back then,  though).
Now I do not succeed in making it work again. The street names are shown in the Itinerary. I use LoMaps and LoRouter offline or online, with language German.
Was the feature (announcement of street names by voice) removed? Or how can I make it work again?